Philippines: When The Mountain Rumbles | Deadliest Journeys

Jun 9, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

The Philippines is home to a unique phenomenon: thousands of people journey to the remote village of Tobruk on the Kalinga Road in search of a miracle. The road is treacherous, with dangerous mudslides, outdated transportation systems, and ravines that threaten lives. But despite these dangers, or perhaps because of them, pilgrims flock here in search of healing and hope.

The documentary “Miracles from Tobruk” shows us the journey these devotees take in pursuit of miracles. We watch as they traverse the treacherous landscape and brave its many perils. They make stops along the way – extreme bikers who make good money off their daredevil stunts; hours-long treks through forested areas; and a healer in Taba whose skills are said to be legendary.

When they finally reach Tobruk, pilgrims are treated to an unforgettable experience: there is a mystical shower which locals say has healing powers, and the Banul Gold Mine where gold can still be found today. But reaching their destination isn’t easy – jeepneys break down at times due to disrepair – and neither is getting into the mine itself once they arrive. The documentary follows all these twists and turns on their pilgrimage to Tobruk.

If you want an insight into the extraordinary faith of Filipino believers – then “Miracles from Tobruk” is definitely worth watching. From mudslides to mine entrances, this documentary offers an eye-opening glimpse into a culture that values miracles more than anything else. So don’t miss out on your chance to witness this unique phenomenon for yourself!

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David B