The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance

May 20, 2024 | History, Videos

The Medici family, a prominent Italian household of 15th-century Florence, rose to power and influence in Europe unlike any other – their wealth, influence, and resources unparalleled. Through shrewd investments, carefully orchestrated patronage, and an aptitude for both charm and ruthlessness, the Medici’s rose to prominence in every sense.

The story of this remarkable family is an important part of European history. From art patrons to powerful statesman, their legacy has survived the centuries – inspiring works of art including Michelangelo’s David; sparking scientific discovery with Galileo Galilei; funding explorations undertaken by Christopher Columbus; and providing support to the artists who form the foundation of modern culture: Botticelli, da Vinci, Machiavelli and more.

If you want to learn more about the incredible story of the Medici family – their rise from humble beginnings to become Europe’s most powerful dynasty – then don’t miss out on watching this amazing documentary series. It will offer you an insight into how one family has shaped Europe’s history for centuries. Plus you can witness first hand some of their most impressive achievements – from creating grand palaces in Florence to controlling entire nations during a period that was known as ‘the Golden Age’. With detailed accounts of wars they fought as well as moments of passionate love affairs between royals all over Europe, it truly is a saga that will captivate anyone interested in history!

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