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Aug 19, 2023 | Art, Best Of

The art, science, and genius of the great Leonardo da Vinci have captivated scholars for centuries. From his iconic Mona Lisa to the designs of innovative machines hundreds of years ahead of their time, Da Vinci’s story is one that has inspired countless generations. Fans of his work now have the opportunity to dive even deeper into this remarkable life with a variety of documentaries about the man himself. Here, we’ve rounded up the best Leonardo da Vinci documentaries to explore his life and legacy even further. From in-depth interviews with experts to fascinating archival footage, each of these films offer a unique perspective into the incredible world of Da Vinci. So if you’re ready to learn more about this iconic figure, read on to discover the top Leonardo da Vinci documentaries.

Leonardo da Vinci was a true Renaissance man, inspiring the world with his art and inventions centuries before anyone else could have thought of them. A master of his craft, he dabbled in science and mathematics while creating some of history’s most iconic pieces. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of his passing, acclaimed biographer Walter Isaacson delved deep into the mind of one of history’s greatest geniuses to uncover his secrets. How did Leonardo Da Vinci amass such a wealth of knowledge, and how did he use it to create works of art that would go on to be treasured forever?


The Renaissance was a time of drastic change and growth throughout Europe. The “Renaissance factor” is what triggered this pivotal period in history, making it unlike any other era before or since. What was the secret ingredient that brought such immense progress with it? We explore this through the events that preceded it, from Ancient Rome to the Crusades and the Black Death in the 14th century. We visit Michelangelo’s construction site of St. Peter’s Basilica, the banking houses of the Medicis and Johannes Gutenberg’s workshop to experience firsthand the innovations that developed during this time: linear perspective, the printing press and double-entry bookkeeping. Our journey also takes us to modern-day trendsetters, scientists, business tycoons, fashion designers and artists to discover how the Renaissance has impacted our lives today. How have these achievements of almost half a millennium ago changed us? What is the lasting legacy of the “Renaissance factor”?


The Renaissance has been described as a unique period in human history, with art, culture and science developing faster than at any other time. But what caused the so-called “Renaissance factor” to spark this era of unprecedented progress? To answer this question, we must travel back in time from Ancient Rome to the Crusades and the Black Death in 14th century Europe. Join us as we explore the events and innovations of this pivotal period, from Michelangelo’s work on St. Peter’s Basilica to the Medicis’ banking houses and Johannes Gutenberg’s workshop. We’ll discover the transformations caused by linear perspective, the printing press and double-entry bookkeeping, before looking at how these legacies continue to shape our world today. Through spectacular reenactments and interviews with modern-day trendsetters, scientists, business tycoons, fashion designers and artists.


Leonardo Da Vinci was an unprecedented figure in the Renaissance era, a genius with abilities that seemed almost supernatural at times. His paintings have been treasured throughout the centuries for their unparalleled beauty, while his inventions and ideas remain some of the most groundbreaking works of engineering to this day. Da Vinci’s repertoire was impressive, to say the least. He had a keen eye for detail and could capture even the subtlest nuance of light in his paintings. His engineering projects included designs for war machines like tanks and flying machines that were centuries ahead of their time, but he also designed many everyday objects that we use today such as locks, scissors, and even the modern bicycle.


Set against a mysterious backdrop, Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ is an enigmatic masterpiece. Its two versions have puzzled art historians for centuries – what made the Renaissance genius create them? Glimpses into his life suggest he was driven by a greater ambition that took him from Florence to Milan in pursuit of more ambitious projects. But the painting also holds clues to its secrets. Through exploring da Vinci’s personal notebooks – known as the Codex Atlanticus – we can unravel some of the mysteries surrounding it. From symbols and allegories, to interpretations of other works, they may provide answers to why he depicted a Madonna in a cave and what hidden messages lie within the unusual backdrop.


For centuries, the world has been captivated by Leonardo da Vinci’s remarkable works. His paintings, sculptures, and drawings have long held a level of mystery that even the most intelligent minds struggle to comprehend. Now, with Decoding da Vinci, viewers will be taken on a journey to explore his genius like never before! From interviews with art historians to virtual reality simulations of some of his most iconic pieces, this documentary offers an unprecedented look into the life and body of work of one of history’s greatest innovators. Learn about da Vinci’s unique techniques for creating depth in his paintings, the inspiration behind some of his creations, and how he revolutionized the way we think about art today.


Leonardo da Vinci was a man truly ahead of his time – one of the most iconic Renaissance Man. He has created many world famous works, and most notable among them is The Last Supper. This painting is 4.60 meters high and 8.80 meters wide, it can be found on the wall of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. But what does the original painting look like? In 2019, which marks 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, a secret has been unveiled – only 20 percent of the original work is still visible today. To solve this mystery and uncover what it originally looked like, the documentary attempts to reconstruct it with a thriller-like flair. In addition to this, a mysterious copy of da Vinci’s work has been found in the small Belgian abbey of Tongerlo. This painting on canvas is believed to have been commissioned by French King Louis XII from da Vinci’s workshop, and it could be the key to unravelling the centuries-old secret. The Last Supper is an iconic work of art that has captivated many generations.


The Merovingians are shrouded in mystery, their power known only to those of the ruling elite. Preparing to unlock Da Vinci’s hidden secret, one must be ready for the unexpected and remarkable – they will uncover an ancient relic, a relic that is said to hold magic beyond any one person’s comprehension: The Holy Grail. Believed to have once been the cup of Jesus Christ himself, it is said to possess power that can transform the world. It’s a relic that has fascinated generations and sparked the imagination of many an artist, scientist, philosopher and theologian. Legends speak of its ability to open portals between worlds, bring forth wealth beyond measure and unlock hidden knowledge.


A truly inspirational figure, Leonardo da Vinci remains revered in the modern era as a brilliant innovator and master artist. He has been described as a universal genius with extraordinary powers of observation, memory, creativity, and imagination. From painting the world-renowned Mona Lisa to inventing the first helicopter, Leonardo da Vinci’s life was dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human achievement. This exclusive TV documentary takes viewers on a journey through his remarkable life and accomplishments. From early sketches to mysterious notebooks, you’ll uncover the secrets behind his masterpieces and inventions. Step into the world of the great genius himself as he continues to inspire us centuries later with his extraordinary legacy. Learn about Leonardo da Vinci’s pioneering experiments in anatomy, engineering, and astronomy as the documentary explores a remarkable range of new discoveries. Uncover how he attempted to create flying machines hundreds of years before the Wright Brothers, designed innovative weapons for war, and wrote treatises on faith, knowledge, and philosophy.


Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest and most talented people ever to live. He is best known for his iconic painting, the Mona Lisa, but his brilliance extended far beyond art. Leonardo was a true polymath; an inventor, scientist, architect, mathematician and much more. Born in 1452 he lived for 67 years until 1519 and during that time he made incredible discoveries and inventions, many of which we are still learning from today. Leonardo da Vinci was a pioneer in so many different fields, embodying the spirit of the Renaissance. He observed with clarity and insight; his notebooks full of observations, information and inventions that still astound us to this day. His art was comparable or even greater than the likes of Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Botticelli. The Mona Lisa is perhaps his most famous work, but it’s far from all he gave the world. Leonardo da Vinci was truly a genius and for centuries has deservedly been held up as one of the most influential figures in history.


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