The History of the Devil

Oct 31, 2023 | History, Videos

The idea of the devil is one of the most enduring images in our culture, but it does not originate in the Bible. In fact, it wasn’t until Zarathustra, an ancient Persian religious teacher, that the notion of a God of Good and a God of Evil came into existence. This concept spread throughout the Middle East, and later to other major religions, replacing Satan as God’s obedient servant with Sadeen as his eternal enemy.

The Greeks also had their own version of an underworld called Hades, though it did not have any fire associated with it. That distinction belongs to Gehenna – a smoldering rubbish heap located outside Jerusalem where criminals were often executed and burned. It was this Gehenna that inspired Christian views of hell as a fiery place reserved for sinners.

These fascinating insights into our cultural beliefs about the devil are explored in great detail in the documentary ‘The Devil: A History’. The film takes viewers on a journey around the world to uncover how different cultures have interpreted evil over time. From Zoroastrianism to Judaism to Christianity and beyond, ‘The Devil: A History’ provides comprehensive coverage of this complex subject.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about religion or simply curious about where our ideas about evil come from, make sure to check out ‘The Devil: A History’. It is sure to provide an eye-opening look at humanity’s relationship with darkness and provide you with an understanding that is deeper than merely religious tradition.

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David B