The 10 Best Documentaries About Saint Patrick

Nov 10, 2023 | Best Of, History, Religion

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – St Patrick’s Day! And as we all celebrate this special occasion, what better way to do so than by watching some documentary films about St. Patrick? From his amazing journey to Ireland and the many miracles he performed while there, to his legacy today, these 10 documentaries are sure to have you feeling inspired this St. Patrick’s Day. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and immerse yourself in the amazing life of this famous saint!



Saint Patrick’s Story is a British documentary that takes viewers on an archaeological journey to uncover the life of the 5th century saint who brought Christianity to Ireland. Through interviews with historians, theologians and archaeologists, this documentary presents Saint Patrick in a new light – as one of the most influential figures in Irish history. It also examines how his legacy has been remembered and celebrated in Ireland for over 1500 years. If you’re after something a little more lighthearted, then National Geographic’s Who Was Saint Patrick? is worth checking out. Narrated by Irish actor Richard Flood, the documentary follows a group of modern-day adventurers as they explore the history and legend of Saint Patrick. Along the way, they uncover the history of his devotion to Christianity and inspect archaeological sites associated with Saint Patrick.


2. Discovering St Patrick – Documentary

This three-part series is a must-see for anyone interested in learning about St. Patrick and his legacy. Explore the depths of the Irish culture, from its Gaelic mythology to its timeless music, while uncovering the historical facts and spiritual truths that define this beloved saint’s life. Take an exclusive peek inside some of Ireland’s most ancient and venerated sites, including the Hill of Tara and Skellig Michael. Dive into St. Patrick’s incredible life story as it’s told by authentic Irish historians, priests, and scholars. Plus, discover the unique and captivating beauty of Ireland through sweeping views and historical reenactments. All in all, this video series is an unparalleled look at St. Patrick’s lasting legacy and its vital relevance in our modern world.


3. St. Patrick Apostle Of Ireland

The Best Documentaries About Saint Patrick examines the legacy of this beloved figure who brought Christianity to Ireland and changed its history forever. Through interviews with historians, experts, and people from all walks of life, we get a vivid picture of the man behind the legend. From his humble beginnings to his impact on Irish culture today, this film explores not only how he came to be a saint, but also his lasting influence on Irish people. The film takes us back in time to the period of Saint Patrick’s life and his journey as a missionary to Ireland. It follows him through the struggles he faced bringing Christianity to this new land and how he fought against oppression. We learn what inspired him and why he chose to remain in Ireland despite many hardships. The Best Documentaries About Saint Patrick also takes a look at the legacy that Saint Patrick left behind, and examines how he continues to be celebrated today. We discover why his feast day is still so important to Irish people and the way in which he is remembered in popular culture.


4. St. Patrick – The Real Story

In 432 AD, he was sent back to Ireland with the mission of converting the Irish pagans to Christianity. He used shamrocks as a teaching tool to explain the Trinity – how three leaves can make up one stem just like God is one, but three persons. He built churches and schools all across Ireland, and his reputation grew immensely among the Irish people as he preached and converted them to Christianity. Patrick’s influence on the Irish is still felt today. Many people celebrate St Patrick’s Day every year – a day to remember how Patrick brought peace and harmony to a land that was once plagued with chaos. It is also a day to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. Whether you plan on attending a parade, eating traditional Irish dishes or simply wearing green, St Patrick’s Day is an excellent opportunity to honor Ireland’s patron saint of conversion and transformation.


5. Legend of the Isles – Saint Patrick

Clocking in at just over forty-five minutes long, this is one of the shorter documentaries on our list. But don’t let that fool you – Legends of the Isles: Saint Patrick is packed with interesting facts and anecdotes about the life of Ireland’s most famous saint. It also features beautiful reenactments which bring to life some of the tales associated with him. Meanwhile, Saint Patrick: A Journey to the Heart of Ireland dives deep into the saint’s personal history and explores his impact on modern-day Irish culture. This docuseries traces a journey from Dublin to Downpatrick in Northern Ireland, where Patrick was said to have been buried. Along the way, viewers will get an intimate look at everything from ancient holy sites to famous landmarks. Those looking for an in-depth look at the man who has come to symbolize Irish pride should check out The Real Saint Patrick. This feature-length documentary interviews historians and religious experts, as well as modern scholars, all of whom explore various aspects of Patrick’s life.


6. Was Saint Patrick a Murderer

Documentaries about Saint Patrick are the best way to go beyond the legends and delve into his true story. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite documentaries that explore Saint Patrick’s life and legacy in detail:  This documentary dives deep into the life and times of Saint Patrick, taking viewers back through time to uncover the secrets of his life and what drove him to become one of Christianity’s most beloved saints. The Life and Legacy of Saint Patrick – Produced by National Geographic, this comprehensive documentary follows Patrick’s journey from pagan to Christian and examines how he is remembered today. In Search for Saint Patrick – This documentary combines interviews with historians and archaeological evidence to tell the story of Patrick’s life and how he changed the religious landscape of Ireland. The Story of Saint Patrick – This PBS documentary looks into the history and legacy of Saint Patrick, uncovering facts about his life that few people know or have heard before.


7. The Confession of Saint Patrick

The document offers readers a glimpse into the life and works of one of Ireland’s most famous saints. The Irish Film Institute has a collection of several documentaries about St. Patrick that tell his story in vivid detail, tracing his footsteps from Roman Britain to Ireland and exploring the impact he had on early Christianity in Ireland. One such film is called ‘Patrick: A Journey of Faith’, which follows Patrick’s life from his enslavement to the founding of churches and monasteries. Another is called ‘Patrick: The Story of the Saint’, which features interviews with experts and historians as well as footage of prehistoric sites related to St. Patrick and his ministry in Ireland.


8. The Archaeological Mystery Of St. Patrick’s 6th-Century Burial Ground

They discover an incredible story of religious devotion and transformation over the centuries. Come explore the archaeological remains at St Patrick’s Cathedral Hill in Downpatrick and experience the history for yourself! Also worth seeing is Saul Church, located just a few miles away from Downpatrick. This ancient church was built by St. Patrick himself and is believed to be the first church in Ireland. Visit Saul Church and check out its incredible history and unique architecture. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the legendary snake that St Patrick is said to have banised from the area! For more information, visit The Saint Patrick Centre website or follow them on social media. Learn about St. Patrick’s life, achievements and legacy in Ireland, and get immersed in the fascinating history of this powerful figure. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Irish history while connecting with others who share your interest.


9. St George Temple

The short video “A Temple Dressed in White, St. George” is an amazing look into the history of one of St. Patrick’s most iconic buildings—the St. George temple in Dublin, Ireland. This documentary offers a glimpse of this incredible structure before and after its completion, from the stone quarrying process to the intricate details that went into its construction. The video follows the journey of a team of experts, overseen by renowned stone mason and master builder Charles Handford, who worked diligently to bring St. Patrick’s dream for a temple in Dublin to life. The documentary also offers insight into the ancient Irish customs surrounding this building’s construction, such as their use of symbols like the Trinity knot and the claddagh ring. It also pays tribute to St. Patrick’s life and legacy, from his humble beginnings in British slavery to his eventual mission of converting Ireland to Christianity.


10. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Karachi

The documentary “St. Patrick’s Cathedral: A Living Legacy” takes a look at the history and significance of this important church and its contribution to Karachi’s religious heritage. It examines the cathedral’s impact on the local community, with interviews from priests, visitors, and members of the congregation who share their stories about faith and spirituality. The film also explores how St. Patrick’s Cathedral has remained an important spiritual center for the city over the years, with its ever-changing architecture reflecting the changing times. The documentary “A Return to St. Patrick’s” tells a remarkable story of faith and courage in Pakistan.

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