Behind the Scenes: Recreating the Temple

Sep 10, 2023 | History, Religion, Videos

In this captivating documentary, Gary Glassman and Tristan Barako take viewers on a remarkable journey to the ancient temple that King Solomon constructed. While well-known to both Jews and Christians alike, the true nature of Solomon’s Temple remains largely mysterious due to its age and the lack of available information. Nevertheless, through an examination of the Bible and archaeological evidence, historians have been able to piece together much of what is known about this sacred structure.

The temple was home to two important religious artifacts: the cherubims and the Ark of the Covenant – said to contain the Ten Commandments given by God – which was kept atop a Mercy Seat. It is also noteworthy that in biblical times, temples served as places for people to atone for their sins through animal sacrifices rather than as traditional places of worship like today’s synagogues.

This riveting documentary allows viewers a glimpse into one of history’s most famous structures. From its construction materials to its unique architecture, Gary Glassman and Tristan Barako provide an intimate portrait of Solomon’s Temple in Syria. Through their expert presentation, audiences will gain a better understanding of this intriguing edifice and its importance throughout history. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about Solomon’s Temple or simply want an interesting watch, be sure to check out this thought-provoking documentary!

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David B