What is the Age of War game?

Jun 15, 2024 | Gaming, Videos

Age of War is an incredibly popular base defense strategy game that thrusts players into a world of battles and conquests. Players start in the Stone Age and progress through five ages of human history – Bronze, Iron, Classical, Medieval and Renaissance.

In each age they must build up their defenses and armies to defeat enemy civilizations and advance to the next age by earning experience points from defeating their enemies. As players progress through the ages, they gain access to more powerful units and weapons.

The game is an exciting mix of intense combat as well as strategic planning, which makes it incredibly fun to play. It also provides a great opportunity for people to learn about different periods in human history while having a blast at the same time.

For those looking for even more insight into these historical eras, Age of War offers a fascinating documentary exploring each of these five ages in detail. For anyone interested

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David B