Sunset Over Selungo

Oct 23, 2023 | Culture, Videos

The 2020 documentary “Sunset Over Selungo” is an inspiring and captivating exploration of the beauty of nature and the resilience of the human spirit.

Set in the lush Central Kalimantan province of Indonesia, this documentary follows a small group of villagers as they attempt to save their beloved tropical rainforest. The filmmakers explore the beauty and diversity of this unique ecosystem by following a local family on their journey to protect their home from deforestation.

At its core, “Sunset Over Selungo” is a story of hope and courage, showing how ordinary people can make extraordinary contributions when faced with difficult odds. Through stunning cinematography, the audience is taken on a journey through dense rainforests, vibrant jungles, and hidden grottos. We witness firsthand how locals interact with this remarkable habitat, from hunting for food to harvesting natural resources.

The film also includes interviews with conservationists who discuss the ongoing threats to these delicate ecosystems and measures that can be taken to help protect them. Perhaps most importantly though, it shows us that true change comes from those on the ground: from those with a passion for protecting their environment and those who are willing to take action in order to preserve it.

It’s an inspiring message that everyone should hear. As viewers watch “Sunset Over Selungo”, they will gain a greater appreciation for our planet’s incredible biodiversity and its importance to our collective future. For anyone passionate about environmentalism or just looking for an inspiring story – this documentary is one not to be missed!

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David B