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Jun 18, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Benares, an ancient city located in India, is renowned for its holiness and spiritual significance. Every year, millions of Hindu pilgrims make the arduous journey to this sacred place to pay homage to their faith. For some, this is their last pilgrimage; according to Hindu mythology, those whose bodies are cremated here will bypass reincarnation and go straight to paradise.

The ritual of cremation is an integral part of the religious experience at Benares. Each day, hundreds of corpses arrive with their families, who use thousands of tons of wood and coal to build the funeral pyres. Consequently, a busy ‘coal route’ has developed around the area in order to meet the demands of the crematoriums.

Documentary filmmakers have captured part of this remarkable story in ‘Benares: A Documentary’. This film follows a group of pilgrims as they undertake this spiritual journey and provides unprecedented insight into one of India’s most significant pilgrimage sites. With its captivating visuals and thought-provoking narrative, ‘Benares: A Documentary’ offers a unique glimpse into the culture and beliefs behind this fascinating tradition.

For anyone interested in learning more about Benares or Hinduism more broadly, ‘Benares: A Documentary’ is essential viewing. It allows us to witness firsthand how death can be seen as a gateway to paradise – something that we may never get a chance to experience in our own lives. So don’t miss out on your chance to join these pilgrims on their incredible voyage; watch ‘Benares: A Documentary’ today!

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