8 celebrities who recently got sober

Jun 24, 2023 | Celebrities, Performing Arts

People choose to stop drinking for a number of reasons (a decision made a whole lot easier by all the great alcohol-free drink options on offer nowadays), from wanting to improve their mental health to certain medical conditions. Over the years, many sober celebrities have chosen to speak out about their choice to ditch alcohol too – from Chrissy Teigen to Cara Delevingne.

Deciding whether or not to go teetotal is a really personal decision, and given that so many social occasions revolve around drinking, it can be challenging too – which is why it can also be really helpful to hear from others who’ve made it work for them. Listening in on the reasons why these famous faces chose to go sober may also be comforting and serve as a source of inspiration, too. Sobriety isn’t a one-size-fits all journey – it’s different for everyone. For some, it may start as an experiment and evolve into a lifestyle; for others, the transition can involve trips to rehab and/or professional help. But no matter how we each reach our individual goals of sobriety, there is something inspiring about hearing the stories from those who have made it through.

Recently, many celebrities in Hollywood have been vocal about their sober journeys and embracing life without alcohol. As shown by these inspiring stories, the decision to leave alcohol behind can be an empowering one that leads to a refreshing Spin on life. Here are 8 celebrities who recently got sober and what inspired them to make this empowering decision.


Bradley Cooper

Sobriety is an individual journey, and every person has their own set of reasons for choosing to go sober or stay sober. Recently, many celebrities have shared their stories of leaving alcohol and drugs behind in order to achieve more from life. Bradley Cooper is one such example; during a chat with The Hollywood Reporter he opened up about why he chose sobriety. “Wow, I’m actually gonna ruin my life. I’m really gonna ruin it.”


Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is a shining example of the power of sobriety. After facing substance abuse issues as a teenager, she decided to keep her journey to sobriety quiet until she had enough confidence in it on a personal level – which is absolutely fair enough. Recently, Drew opened up about her experience and how making big changes can be empowering.

Speaking to TV host Gayle King, she admitted that she was previously stuck in a bad cycle. After two years of sobriety, Drew finally felt ready to share her story with the world – and it’s a story of hope for any person looking to make positive changes in their life.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus recently revealed that her journey to sobriety was prompted in part by the need for vocal surgery, as well as a family history of addiction. She shared her story with the world after six months of being ‘sober, sober’. For Miley – as well as other celebrities and everyday people – making big changes can be an empowering experience.


Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is often credited for his brave decision to go sober at such a young age. He recounted the experience as feeling “weird” but was ultimately very happy with it. Daniel himself wonders if this life decision was due to his rise in fame or something that would have happened regardless, an ongoing question that fascinates and frustrates him all the same.


Kit Harrington


Kit Harrington is a shining example of determination when it comes to sobriety. After facing substance abuse issues and intense periods of depression, the Game of Thrones star decided to make a big change in his life and go sober. He admits that the thought ‘a leopard never changes its spots’ was an obstacle he had to overcome – but with help from rehab and learning that the expression was actually false, he finally found the strength to make lasting changes.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Kit candidly discussed his issues with alcohol and addiction, how going sober has helped him overcome these traumatic experiences, and the newfound feelings of empowerment it has brought him. He explained that “getting sober is the process of going ‘no, I can change’ – and it is completely possible with the right help.” Kit’s story serves as an inspiration for those looking to make positive changes in their life.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj faced her substance abuse issues head on and decided to make a big change in her life – sobriety. The rapper has opened up about her journey, telling fans how being sober has brought new joys and happiness into her life. After responding to a fan’s question of “Are you high?” with “No I’m sober and loving life,” she further encouraged her followers to “Be gentle with yourself” and gave words of encouragement to anyone looking to make positive changes.

From the support of her friends and family, Nicki Minaj has embraced sobriety and all that it entails – including a newfound sense of empowerment. Sharing her story is an inspiration for those who are also looking to leave drinking.


Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is a superstar DJ who hasn’t touched alcohol in over eight years. Taking to Twitter, the artist explained that his decision to go sober was prompted by how much drinking hade adversely affected his performances. He admitted that things have only gotten better since then, describing them as being “a million times better”.


Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh recently publicly embraced her sober journey, taking to Instagram in late 2022 to share a mental health check-in and explain how quitting the booze had prompted a breakthrough in therapy. Rather than allowing alcohol to adversely affect her performance like some other celebrities, Millie instead chose sobriety as an empowering choice that would bring newfound joys and happiness into her life.


By looking to these 8 celebrities who recently got sober, it’s clear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for achieving sobriety. Everyone has their own set of reasons and motivations for quitting drinking, and the path to sobriety can take many different forms – from therapy and rehab to making gentle changes and relying on support networks.  Sobriety is indeed possible for anyone looking to make lasting changes and find newfound joys. With the right help and guidance, you too can take control of your own journey and embrace life without alcohol.

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