The 7 Best Documentaries About Nicki Minaj

Nov 23, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Music

Nicki Minaj has been one of the most influential figures in hip-hop for years. Her artistry, style and charisma make her an inspiring figure to admire and learn from. To get a more intimate look at the artist’s life, some of the best documentaries about Nicki Minaj have been created. From her personal struggles to her rise to fame, get a behind-the-scenes look at the life of this iconic rapper. Discover the best Nicki Minaj documentaries and dive into her world. From inspiring stories of redemption to candid conversations about her career, these Nicki Minaj documentaries offer deep insight into one of music’s most influential figures.


1. NICKI MINAJ | My Time Now Documentary

NICKI MINAJ | My Time Now DocumentaryNicki Minaj is a creative soul who has emerged as a true leader in hip-hop. She’s worked hard to rise above her circumstances and deserves all the credit she can get! Her lyrics are clever, fresh and cutting edge – it’s no wonder she’s been crowned with the title of Queen of Rap. But unfortunately, social media has created a false impression of Nicki as insecure and undeserving of her success. My Time Now is the must-watch documentary that showcases the real Nicki Minaj – unapologetically honest and fiercely independent.


2. Nicki Minaj — My Time Again HD [Full MTV Documentary

Nicki Minaj: My Time Again takes viewers on a journey through her rise to fame. Through archival interviews and original footage, the documentary explores her life, career, struggles and successes. It looks at how Nicki overcame obstacles in order to become one of the world’s most successful female hip-hop artists. Along the way, it also provides insight into some of her most famous works and collaborations. The documentary also features interviews with close friends, family members, industry professionals and music critics who all have their own unique perspectives on Nicki’s career. By the end of it, viewers will gain an understanding of what makes Nicki Minaj stand out in the world of hip-hop and entertainment.


3. Nicki Minaj: Pink Planet

Nicki Minaj is a world-renowned superstar who has made an indelible mark on hip hop culture and revolutionized the rap game. From her trademark accents to her powerful lyrics, she’s become one of the most influential artists in hip hop history. Pink Planet takes viewers on an intimate journey into Nicki’s musical universe, giving fans an up close and personal look at the woman behind the music. Along the way, viewers will learn about Nicki’s musical inspirations and see how she creates her unforgettable persona. This documentary is an essential experience for any hip hop fan who wants to know what makes Nicki Minaj one of a kind.


4. Nicki Minaj – The FULL Version!

Step into the world of Nicki Minaj and explore the lavish life she has created for herself. From her sky-high heels to her signature pastel pink empire, dive into this rap/pop superstar’s larger than life lifestyle. See how this multi-talented artist made it to the top! Get an exclusive look at how she balances her celebrity status with real-life responsibilities. Learn how she went from an oddly colored wig to a global brand and find out why everyone is obsessed with her music. Get the full experience of Nicki Minaj, the queen of bling! Come along for the ride and see what makes this icon so special. Discover her unique style, sound, and personality that has captured millions around the world.


5. A Conversation With Nicki Minaj & Joe Budden

Nicki Minaj: A Behind-the-Scenes LookThis documentary takes you on an in-depth journey as Nicki opens up about her life, career and what drives her to keep pushing boundaries. The film captures her rise from humble beginnings in Queens to a global superstar whose work resonates with fans around the world. We get a behind the scenes look at the creative process that shapes her music, her fashion line and her film career. Nicki Minaj talks about how she navigates the demands of fame while staying true to herself and pushing for an industry where equality between men and women is a reality.


6. IT’S REFRESHING TO SEE THIS! Nicki Minaj — My Time Again (Full MTV Documentary) REACTION

Nicki Minaj is a global icon, and her talent and ambition have been inspiring millions around the world since she first appeared on the music scene. It’s no surprise that several documentaries have been made to document her rise to success and incredible journey.So if you’re looking for an up-close look at Nicki Minaj’s creative process, music evolution, and impact on the music industry, these are the documentaries you should check out. From her time as a Lil’ Wayne protégée to her rise as an iconic celebrity, these films will take you inside Nicki Minaj’s world in a way that no other form of media could.


7. Nicki Minaj – Rise To Fame : No weapon formed against me will prosper

Nicki Minaj: Onika – A look Into the Life and Music of Nicki MinajA must-watch for any fan of The Queen, this documentary covers every aspect of Nicki’s life from childhood to stardom. It goes beyond her music and delves into her inner struggles and successes throughout her career. Featuring interviews with friends, family members, and Nicki herself, this documentary is essential for any fan. It will give you insight into who she really is and what motivated her to reach such success in the rap industry. An intimate and honest look into the life of Nicki Minaj that proves why she has earned her title as one of the greatest female rappers of all time.

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