The 10 Best Documentaries About Mysteries

Dec 27, 2023 | Best Of, Conspiracy, Strange

This is a mystery documentary that will captivate and entrance viewers of all ages. Through the use of unique camera angles and intriguing stories, it takes you on an incredible journey into the unknown. From thrilling cases of unsolved mysteries to mysterious phenomena, this documentary has it all! Delve deep into the secrets of the universe as you watch this compelling and captivating documentary. Follow the path of courageous detectives as they uncover the truths behind long-forgotten cases. Experience the gripping intensity of a cold case investigation like never before with this incredible mystery documentary!


1. The Mystery of Nefertiti’s Bust

Are you ready to explore one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries? It tells the story of Nefertiti’s Bust, one of the most enigmatic works of art in history. In 1912, the renowned German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt uncovered a stunning piece – an alabaster bust depicting the legendary Queen Nefertiti. But soon after, the bust disappeared in a whirlwind of intrigue and suspicion that has continued to this day.


2. World’s Richest Country & Unknown World under Moscow | Mystery Places

Discover the unknown world that lies beneath Moscow, a destination rich in mystery and secrets. It is an amazing documentary about one of the world’s richest countries, Russia. It delves deep into the heart of this intriguing yet little-known region, uncovering hidden stories and places that have remained undiscovered until now.


3. The Mystery Beneath

Mesmerizing and captivating, The Mystery Beneath HD (Best Documentaries 2018) is a must-watch for all mystery lovers. This documentary takes the viewers deep into a web of secrets and conspiracies, unraveling ancient mysteries that have remained unsolved since time immemorial. From secret societies to mysterious artifacts, this film uncovers the hidden truth behind some of the world’s most famous mysteries. With breathtaking visuals, thought-provoking interviews and a gripping soundtrack, it’s no wonder why this documentary was chosen as one of the best documentaries in 2018.


4. The Most Mysterious Disappearances

Are you curious about a string of mysterious disappearances that have been baffling people for years? Then don’t miss this episode of Mystery, an exploration into the world’s most enigmatic vanishings. Follow our expert team as we explore different cases and try to uncover what really happened! We’ll be taking a deep dive into some of the most iconic disappearances in history, like that of Amelia Earhart who was last seen on July 2nd, 1937. We will also investigate more recent cases such as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which went missing in 2014.


5. Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained

This documentary is the newest documentary that follows a group of investigators as they attempt to uncover the hidden mysteries that are deeply embedded within our world. With each new discovery, the researchers find themselves spinning further and further down a rabbit hole of unknowns and unrevealed secrets. As they unravel these mysteries, it becomes clear that there may be far more to this world than we can see with our eyes.


6. The Great Speculator – The Mysterious Life of George Soros

Soros is a famous billionaire, but not many people know the story of his holocaust survival and his unorthodox money-making scheme that gave him such incredible wealth. It takes you on an investigative journey as we uncover this secretive past. From his early years in Hungary, to his time on Wall Street, this documentary provides an in-depth look at Soros’ life and how he managed to become one of the most influential figures in finance.


7. The Mystery Of The Lost Ark Of The Covenant

In The Lost Ark of the Covenant, one of Hollywood’s most captivating films, we find ourselves at the end of a thrilling adventure. For years, archaeologists and historians have been searching for evidence to support the tales of Exodus that are told in the Bible. What if we were to discover something extraordinary – something tangible that could confirm the stories of ancient times?


8. World’s Most Mysterious Places

Witness the unknown and uncover the secrets of some of the world’s most mysterious places. Join us on a unique journey to explore– an ancient cult site located in the Czech Republic. This hidden gem is said to be home to a powerful energy emanating from its grounds, and many believe it’s connected to a gateway to hell — or perhaps something even darker.


9. One Hour Of Mind-Blowing Space Mysteries

Welcome to the world of cosmic mystery! From galaxies and stars, to planets and asteroids, BBC Earth Lab’s ‘One Hour Of Mind-Blowing Space Mysteries’ is an incredible journey through the infinite wonders of space. Explore the mysteries that have puzzled scientists for centuries such as the Fermi paradox, dark matter, and life on other worlds.


10. Mysteries of Himalayas

Discover the mystifying beauty of the Himalayas. From ancient legends to Tibetan tales, this documentary provides a captivating insight into the secrets of this incredible mountain range. Delve deep into the breathtaking scenery and explore mystical Buddhist sites. Experience stories told by locals as they share their knowledge on traditional folktales and legends.


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