The 6 Best Documentaries About Armadillos

Oct 25, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

The armadillo’s tall armor-plated body has a fascinating history, from its noble beginnings in South and Central America to its current status as the state mammal of Texas. Documentaries about these incredible creatures are some of the most intriguing and unique films available today. From nature documentaries to animated shorts, these armadillo movies showcase the rich history, culture, and behaviors of this amazing species. With so many different documentaries out there, we’ve put together a list of the best armadillo documentaries for every armadillo enthusiast! Our list of the top armadillo documentaries includes an array of films that explore the history, culture, and behavior of these unique creatures in fascinating detail.


1.  Armadillos: Nature’s Armoured Miracles

The Armadillo is an intriguing creature that has been captivating our imagination for centuries. With its unique armor-like shell and remarkable swimming abilities, it’s no wonder why this species of mammal has gained a following of admirers. In Wild America, Marty Stouffer takes us on an exciting journey to discover the fascinating secrets behind these creatures. We’ll explore the Armadillo’s powerful digging capabilities, its impressive agility in the water, and the ways it has been able to adapt to its ever-changing environment. Join us for a spectacular look into one of nature’s most remarkable creatures!


2. Worldwide Search For Incredibly Rare Pink Fairy Armadillo

Nick Baker is a host on a mission to uncover some of the most curious animals in the world. He takes us to the far reaches of this planet, to places that are remote and inhospitable. Together they explore Argentina, hoping to find one of the rarest creatures: The Pink Fairy Armadillo. This creature is so elusive that it poses quite a challenge to Nick and his team. Can they find it? Will they get close enough to observe this amazing animal in its natural habitat? Join them on this adventure as they seek out the extraordinary ‘Pink Fairy’ Armadillo!


3. In Search of the Giant Armadillo

Marlin Perkins, Stan Brock and the documentary crew set out on a daring adventure to Guyana, South America in search of one of nature’s greatest creatures – the elusive giant armadillo. Trekking through dense rainforest and trekking over difficult terrain, they seek to track down a creature that has evaded many for centuries. Along their journey, they encounter thrilling moments, like discovering the giant armadillo’s burrow and even encounter a few of them in their natural habitat! But this isn’t only an adventure – it is also an education. The team learns more about these gentle animals and the importance of conservation for their future.


4. Wild America (1992)

Nimble and brave, the armadillo is a formidable force to be reckoned with. This small but mighty creature has earned its place as one of nature’s most impressive engineering feats. From their unique armor-like shell which protects them from predators, to their amazing digging abilities that help them migrate hundreds of miles in only a few days, they possess many remarkable adaptations.Their ambitious spirit is evident in their ability to survive in almost any environment, from the tropical jungles of South America right up to the deserts of America’s Southwest and even as far north as Nebraska!

5. Wild America

The Armadillo is a hardy creature, able to traverse the harsh terrain of its Southern habitats. Its remarkable defense mechanism – a bony-plated shell and lizard-like skin – serves it well against predators. Conquistadors named it “little armored one” in recognition of its fortitude; its power to dig and swim quickly also allow it to migrate faster than any other animal. Its prowess in the face of adversity is an inspiration that speaks to us all. The Armadillo is a symbol of courage and strength – and its story deserves to be told through documentaries. Here are some of the best films about this remarkable creature.

6. The Wild Restaurant Episode Six: Armadillo

This series of videos follows the tragic stories of wild armadillos, and what happens to them when they succumb to unnatural deaths due to encounters with human inventions. From cars and lawnmowers to other machines that are potentially hazardous for these animals, this documentary will take you on a journey through some heartbreaking moments in their lives. Through eye-opening testimonies and footage, it hopes to raise awareness of the importance of preserving these creatures and respecting their natural habitats. This series will leave you moved and determined to do your part in protecting wild animals from potential danger. So come along for an emotional ride as we delve into the lives of armadillos!


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