The 15 Best Documentaries About Fundamentalists

Aug 8, 2023 | Best Of, Religion, Social

Are you interested in learning more about religious fundamentalists and the ways in which they express their beliefs? If so, then consider watching some of the most popular documentaries that explore this fascinating topic. From delving deep into the narrative of a group’s history to exploring the daily lives of those who adhere to a strict set of beliefs, these movies offer an in-depth look at this controversial and complex topic. Here is a list of some of the best documentaries about fundamentalists that you can watch to gain an understanding of their faith and culture.


1. My life as a Christian fundamentalist

It all started when my family joined Christian fundamentalism. I was exposed to a lot of practices, beliefs and rituals. These events shaped me while I was growing up and left me with some valuable lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my life. This video only touches upon this topic but there are plenty of online sources you can explore if you want to know more. I have shared what I’m comfortable with for now and hope that it can create some understanding and awareness of this subject.


2. Why I Left The Mormon Church

I’ve always been fascinated by faith and its power to bring people together. Growing up as a Mormon, I’ve experienced the power of religious tradition firsthand. Though my parents taught me about their beliefs, it wasn’t until I started exploring documentaries that I truly began to understand why so many people are devoted to their faith.


3. Atheist Scientists vs Christian Fundamentalists

Two of the world’s most renowned thought-leaders, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Professor John Doe, offer different but complementary perspectives on life. While some might see them as diametrically opposed, the reality is that each brings something valuable to the conversation – both in terms of scientific method and moral insight.


4. Emerging from Fundamentalism

Andrew Himes is an acclaimed author who has written several well-received books. His latest book, The Sword of the Lord, takes a deep dive into his family’s rich history as Christian fundamentalists. At TEDx events worldwide, people come together to engage in meaningful dialogue and gain insight through dynamic speakers and inspiring TEDTalks videos.


5. The Fundamentalist vs. Evangelical split has led to this

The split between Fundamentalists and Evangelicals has been a source of contention for many years. While the two groups have similarities, they also differ in important ways. A documentary exploring this split can offer an opportunity to gain insight into both sides and their motivations. Many documentaries focusing on this division focus solely on one side or the other.


6. Christian Fundamentalism

The term ‘Fundamentalism’ is often associated with Christianity, and for good reason. Christian Fundamentalism has grown to become a powerful force all around the world. But what exactly does it mean? At its core, Christian Fundamentalism is an ideology that focuses on literal interpretation of the bible as a way of living life.


7. Evangelical Christians in the USA

Christianity is a major influence on the American political landscape. Conservative evangelicals are often at the forefront when it comes to advocating for socially conservative policies, resisting gun control measures, and championing patriotism. Our documentary takes an in-depth look at the core beliefs of America’s fundamentalist Christians, focusing particularly on their views about creation versus evolution.


8. TV’s Scandalous Christian Family and Their Fundamentalist Cult

From the heart of America’s Bible Belt to the global stage, this is a story about one family and their controversial religious views. Follow the Institute of Basic Life Principles, founded by Bill Gothard in 1961, as they attempt to spread an old-fashioned moral code throughout North America and beyond. Through exclusive interviews with former members of the organization and gripping archival footage, this documentary unpacks the cult-like control that IBLP had over its followers and sheds light on the scandalous allegations of sexual abuse within the organization.


9. Inside the Ultra-Conservative Community

The Mennonites have lived in isolation from the modern world for centuries. A culture that has existed since the 19th century, they reject much of what is deemed necessary in today’s society. It was an unprecedented move when a small community called Little Belize agreed to let cameras record their lives and beliefs.


10. American Heretics

This documentary takes a deep dive into the Bible belt, exploring the stories of religious ministers and their congregations who are rejecting traditional fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Questioning interpretations of Scripture that have been used to justify nationalism and oppress marginalized people groups, these brave individuals are pushing for a Gospel of Inclusion and refusing to allow their faith to be twisted into something that causes hurt and division.


11. Defining Fundamentalism

As we explore the world of fundamentalism, Pete and I discover some fascinating insights. He’s decided to observe a fast throughout our journey, though he wasn’t too pleased about it when I kept bringing up food-related topics! With all its complexities and intricacies, this documentary is certainly an eye-opener in a lot of ways.


12. The Fundamentalists – Religion or Lunacy?

From the outside looking in, it can be difficult to understand what fundamentalism is all about. But beneath the surface lies a complicated system of beliefs which have often been called into question. From Islam to Christianity to Judaism and beyond, The Best Documentaries About Fundamentalists will provide you with an inside look at the complex and often controversial ideas that shape fundamentalist communities.


13. Is it Okay to Make Fun of Fundamentalist Christians?

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Randal Rauser to discuss his recently released satire book, “Timeless Truth in a World of Lies.” We discussed how he crafted this book with tongue-in-cheek humor as a way to critique fundamentalist apologetics. By taking an enlightened approach to exploring various religious and philosophical questions.


14. Fundamentalism Stole the Fun Out of Faith

I’m done with fundamentalism ruling the roost in Christianity and faith – it’s sucked all the joy out of the experience. So I’m making my voice heard, loud and clear! Enough is enough! It’s time to break our silence around these issues, so why not start by watching some of the best documentaries about fundamentalist beliefs?


15. Religious Fundamentalist Bigot Cries About Target’s Inclusive Products

Religious fundamentalists are known for their uncompromising and forceful views on life, and the story of one such individual is explored in the documentary titled “Bigot Cries About Target’s Inclusive Products”. The film dives into the world of a fundamentalist who rants about how a popular chain store is wrongfully including products that don’t fit within his conservative beliefs.

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