The 9 Best Documentaries About Fishes

Nov 25, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

When it comes to documentaries about fishes, there’s one that stands out from the rest -Deadlier than Heroin. This captivating and riveting documentary dives deep into the waters of the Great Lakes, showing not only what a thriving fish population looks like but also how illegal fishing practices threaten its very survival. Featuring interviews with experts ranging from scientists to fishermen, Deadlier than Heroin offers an up-close and personal look at the challenges facing fishes in the Great Lakes, from overfishing to invasive species. Hold your breath as you watch this gripping tale of heroic efforts to save a threatened population – a story that has been deadlier than heroin.


1. Where Have All the Fish Gone? | Overfishing Crisis | ENDEVR Documentary

Do you know where all the fish have gone? The harsh truth is that overfishing has caused an environmental crisis of epic proportions. ENDEVR’s documentary, Deadlier than Heroin, takes a hard look at the impact humans are having on global fish populations and what can be done to save them. The film follows fishermen from all over the world.


2. Into The Amazon – Discovering New Fish Species | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Dive Into The Amazon | Exploring A Brave New World Of Fish SpeciesAre you ready to explore a world of fish species previously undiscovered? Then it’s time to dive into the depths of the Amazon! This full documentary takes us on an incredible journey as we uncover the amazing and unique fish species that exist in this vast and mysterious rainforest. From electric.

3. DEEP SEA FISHING – Hard Work On The High Seas | Full Documentary

Stepping Foot Into Uncharted Waters | A Look at Deep Sea Fishing Fishing is a part of almost all cultures, and deep sea fishing takes the adventure to new heights. Join us as we dive into this unique and thrilling activity on the high seas! The hard work of deep sea fishermen has been around for generations. With their rugged seafaring vessels.

4. Can We Survive When Oceans Run Out Of Fish? | The End Of The Line

The ocean is a mysterious and complex world, full of creatures that many still do not understand. With the current trend of overfishing and climate change, the life living in our waters may no longer be sustainable. So what will happen if our oceans run out of fishes? This documentary dives into these questions and more, exploring the impact human activity has had on marine life.

5. Something Fishy – Feeding the Planet | Full Documentar

Deadlier than Heroin – Uncovering the Devastating Impact of Overfishing | Full DocumentaryFrom the oceans to our dinner plates, overfishing has had a devastating impact on fish stocks and ecosystems around the world. In this eye-opening documentary, journalist and filmmaker Matteo Gagliardi takes us deep into this dark underworld to uncover.

6. Vicious Beauties – The Secret World of the Jellyfish

Dive into the Secret World of the Jellyfish – Vicious Beauties These fascinating, yet dangerous creatures are often overlooked and misunderstood. From their mesmerizing bioluminescent displays to their destructive venomous stings, jellyfish have played a key role in both the beauty and destruction of our oceans for centuries. Now you can explore this mysterious underwater world.

7. On A FISHING EXPEDITION – Germany’s Biggest Deep-Sea Trawler | Full Documentary

For those seeking an exciting and unique perspective on the subject of fish, there’s no better choice than On A FISHING EXPEDITION – Germany’s Biggest Deep-Sea Trawler. This incredible documentary takes viewers to one of the world’s most extreme locations, chronicling a daring expedition aboard the worlds largest deep-sea trawler. Following a powerful crew as.

8. Shark fishing in Madagascar

Fish are not only delicious but can also be incredibly dangerous. That’s why those brave enough to venture out and fish for them must keep their wits about them. One excellent example of this is shark fishing in Madagascar, where the waters are rife with these deadly predators – some of which use a potent drug more powerful than heroin.Here, fishermen use techniques that.


The world is facing a crisis of overfishing, and its consequences are devastating. The ocean’s fish populations are in decline, and the effects could be catastrophic for marine life and humans alike. This documentary dives deep into the issue to show how it impacts us all—from commercial fishermen to coastal communities who depend on fishing for their livelihoods. From interviews with experts on the.



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