The 10 Best Documentaries About Fishing

Sep 19, 2023 | Best Of, Nature

If you’re looking for an inside glimpse into the world of fishing, then documentaries about fishing may be the perfect choice. From exploring different techniques to uncovering conservation efforts, there’s a wide range of films that capture all aspects of this beloved pastime. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth watching. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best documentaries about fishing that will take you beneath the surface and give you an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s to gain knowledge or just simply to appreciate the beauty of nature, these films are sure to provide a unique and enjoyable viewing experience.


1. DEEP SEA FISHING – Hard Work On The High Seas | Full Documentary

The danger on the high seas is no joke. But that doesn’t stop German deep sea fishing crews from pursuing their dreams of catching black halibut in the Arctic Circle. This documentary takes viewers onboard one of the largest trawlers, revealing what it takes to make a living deep sea fishing. The work requires immense effort and trust between crew members. As storms and snow become daily occurrences, the bonds of friendship are forged stronger than ever. Onboard this massive ship, viewers will experience first-hand just how hard the crew works to bring in a catch and make ends meet. With powerful imagery and never-before seen interviews from the fishermen themselves, this documentary is an unforgettable journey into their world.


2. The Deadly Life Of A Deep Sea Fishing Expedition | Risking It All: Catch In The Extreme

Risking it all for a chance to make big catches, deep sea fishermen brave the unpredictable waters of some of the world’s most dangerous oceans in search of fortune and glory. Through extreme weather conditions and relentless waves, these men risk their lives everyday for a shot at the ultimate reward – a massive catch. We take you on an exciting journey through experience and spectacle, as we witness firsthand the life and times of a deep sea fishing crew. Follow them aboard as they brave the dangers of nature, outwitting it at every turn in pursuit of their goal – to bring home a record-breaking catch! From start to finish, this is one journey you don’t want to miss.


3. Summer Fishing Beautiful Margaree River | ONE HOUR DOCUMENTARY

Take a journey with Ray Plourde and fishing guide Robert Chaisson to discover the stunning Margaree River in Nova Scotia. In the summertime, this river brings perfect conditions for Atlantic salmon – it’s the ideal location for an angler of any level.From fly-fishing pros to those just starting out, learn more about fishing and appreciating the beauty of Cape Breton. Discover why Nova Scotia has become a haven for fishermen – from its catches to its scenery – and see how much fun fishing can be. Experience this amazing place in person and create unforgettable memories in one of the most picturesque regions of Canada.


4. Fishing Boat Discovers Something TERRIFY in the Sea That SHOCKS the Whole World!

Welcome aboard the Discoverize! Join us as we cast off on an incredible journey of exploration and discovery. From mysterious artifacts to startling scientific findings, you’ll never know what we’ll uncover! Our team of passionate researchers will take you to unbelievable depths in search of the wildest secrets deep in the ocean. Get ready for a sensational experience like no other!One recent expedition resulted in something truly extraordinary. Our crew was astounded when they stumbled upon a strange and eerie sight in the depths — a fishing boat that had been abandoned years ago! The vessel looked to be intact, despite its long time being submerged underwater.


5. Malaysia Fishing Trip – Documentary

Lose yourself in the natural beauty of Malaysia’s pristine seascapes and experience a fishing trip unlike any other. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting started, Kuala Rompin provides an unbeatable opportunity to catch sailfish and enjoy incredible light tackle sports fishing. Take on dozens of sailfish each day as you lose yourself among the warm currents and tranquil waters of the area. Enjoy a truly unique fishing experience in Malaysia, where you can immerse yourself in an unforgettable landscape and take home plenty of memories—and maybe even some fish! From expertly guided tours to amazing local cuisine, Kuala Rompin is your one-stop destination for the ultimate fishing adventure.


6. Fishing In The Extreme: Alaska And The English Channel

Fishing is often seen as a peaceful endeavour, but those who take it to the extreme know that the ocean can be an unpredictable and unforgiving place. In Fishing in the Extreme: Alaska and the English Channel, we explore what it takes to brave some of nature’s most dangerous waters. We follow intrepid fishermen as they face off against icy Arctic seas and fierce storms in the English Channel. With their lives on the line, these men rely on skill, experience and sheer determination to stay safe at sea. Despite the danger, there’s something about fishing in extreme conditions that attracts them – a unique sense of adventure and a passion for life.


7. On A FISHING EXPEDITION – Germany’s Biggest Deep-Sea Trawler

Sailing the High Seas – Exploring the Life of Deep-Sea FishermenSetting sail aboard Germany’s largest deep-sea trawler, the Maartje Theadora, we explore a world few have seen. This ocean-going vessel can transport some 6,000 tons of fresh fish from its fishing grounds in the English Channel, North Atlantic and Pacific. The dedicated crew face a physical challenge as they embark on week-long journeys, taking in the beautiful sea vistas and learning about life on board.Experience the hardworking days of deep-sea fishing with our documentary’s unique insight into life at sea.


8. Fishing Adventures in Malaysia Documentary

Explore the Wonders of Fishing in MalaysiaMalaysia is a treasure trove of fishing opportunities, with fascinating and unique techniques to discover. As we voyaged across the Malay Peninsula, fishermen used palm branches to bring fish right to their feet while Penarik trawlers lit up the night sky as they worked. Further inland, Semalai aborigines kept alive their fishing traditions, using spears and bamboo traps to capture jungle perches and catfish. In Pahang, you can even see fishermen employed a most unusual method – buffalo-driven transport of anchovies from the shoreline up to the fish processing unit!


9. Exploitation of the Arctic: The End of Fishing? | Ice Race

The Arctic: A Ticking Time Bomb? As the ice melts, a magnificent larder is at risk. Home to some of the planet’s most important fish stocks, the Arctic is now facing an uncertain future. This stunning region — teeming with life since time immemorial — could soon be in danger due to global warming. But there is still hope, and the documentary Ice Race takes us on a journey to discover the Arctic’s secrets. Does it hold a future for fishing? Or is it heading toward an apocalypse?


10. Fishing Adventures in Kenya Documentary

Discover the beauty and adventure that Kenya’s coast has to offer. From the time-honoured traditions of Swahili fishing practices, to the vibrant marine life that inhabits its waters, this documentary takes viewers on a journey through an unknown side of Kenya. Explore the serenity of Kenya’s pristine coasts and experience firsthand its stunning sights and sounds. From the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean to its lush green shorelines, viewers will be mesmerized by what lies ahead. And with plenty of fishing opportunities at hand, there is no shortage of adventure to be had.

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