The 9 Best Documentaries About Emus

Nov 23, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Documentaries have long been a powerful medium for educating, entertaining and provoking thought on various topics. From exploring the depths of space to delving into the complexities of human nature, there is no limit to what can be captured in a documentary. One topic that has gained significant attention in recent years is the enigmatic emu. These large, flightless birds are native to Australia and have captured the fascination of many with their unique appearance and behavior. If you’re looking for a deep dive into the world of emus, look no further than these 9 documentaries that will give you a whole new appreciation for these magnificent creatures.


1. Emu Documentary

Emus, giant flightless birds native to Australia, have long been a source of fascination for humans. With their unique appearance and behavior, it’s no wonder that many filmmakers have dedicated themselves to capturing the essence of these majestic creatures on camera. From heartwarming stories about emu conservation efforts to thrilling tales of survival in the harsh Australian outback, there are countless documentaries that showcase the best of these fascinating creatures.


2. Documentary – EMU  Pocket Films

Emus have long captured the fascination of people all over the world. From their unique appearance to their extraordinary abilities, these flightless birds are truly one-of-a-kind. And what better way to explore the world of emus than through documentaries? That’s where EMU Pocket Films come in. These documentaries not only showcase the incredible lives of emus but also bring forth important conservation and environmental messages.

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3. Australia Had a Full-Blown War Against Emus and Lost

In 1932, the Australian government declared war against emus. It may sound bizarre, but it’s true. The reason? They wanted to protect their crops from these flightless birds who were eating them up. The situation was so dire that officials had to take action. A team of military personnel and farmers were deployed to hunt down the emus. However, it turned out to be a disastrous attempt.


4. The Great Emu War –  When Australia’s Army Took on a Horde of Flightless Birds

Have you ever heard of the Great Emu War? It may sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but it actually happened in Australia in 1932. This bizarre and little-known event has been captured in various documentaries over the years, highlighting just how truly strange this moment in history was. The emu is a large flightless bird native to Australia.


5. The Great Emu War: How Australia’s Battle Against Birds Went Awry

Did you know that Australia once waged a war against birds? Yes, you read it right – birds. In the 1930s, the Australian government declared an all-out war against emus, which is considered one of the world’s largest birds. At that time, Australia was facing economic hardship due to the Great Depression. The government offered land grants to ex-soldiers, but it came with a condition – they had to clear the land of emus for farming.


6. What’s INSIDE of our Emu Eggs?

Did you know that Emu eggs are considered one of the largest eggs in the world? These beautiful, dark green speckled eggs have captured the curiosity of many and have even been featured in several documentaries. But what exactly can we find inside these enormous eggs? First and foremost, let’s start with size.


7. 4K Ostrich the Flightless Bird – African Wildlife Documentary Film with Narration

Ostriches, the largest and heaviest birds in the world, have always had a fascinating allure. Their speed, their size, and their majestic presence make them one of the most captivating creatures on earth. In this 4K documentary, we will take you on an African adventure to explore these marvelous flightless birds. With breathtaking visuals and informative narration, get ready to discover the world of ostriches like never before.


8. The Great Emu War: how it started and who won | ABC Australia

The Great Emu War, a bizarre and little-known event in Australian history, has become the subject of many documentaries. This feathered conflict took place in 1932 when a group of emus began wreaking havoc on farms in Western Australia. The farmers, unable to cope with the massive bird’s appetite for their crops, turned to the government for help.


9. Australia Documentary 4K | Outback Wildlife | Original Nature Documentary | Deserts and Grasslands

The land down under, Australia, is known for its unique wildlife and vast landscapes. From the iconic kangaroos to the elusive emus, this country is home to some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. And what better way to explore their natural habitat than through a breathtaking documentary in stunning 4K quality

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