The 10 Best Documentaries About Ostriches

Oct 30, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Nature

This is a documentary about ostriches, exploring the surprisingly deep and complex lives of these fascinating birds. Have you ever wondered why ostriches are so large, or what they look for in a mate? It takes an insightful journey into their world to answer those questions and more. Join us as we explore the ostrich’s behavior, diet, and habitat, discovering the secrets of one of the world’s most captivating creatures. With stunning photography and a riveting soundtrack, It is sure to be an entertaining and educational experience for viewers of all.



Ostriches ,the world’s tallest bird, is a sight to behold. This magnificent creature stands tall and proud in its natural habitat, stretching impressively up to nine feet high. With exotic colors spanning from brown hues to black feathers with white highlights, Ostriches is one of nature’s true beauties.National Geographic Documentary Wild presents an in-depth exploration of its life cycle, from courtship and mating rituals to the complex dynamics of a nesting habitat. Discover the unique adaptation that allow this amazing creature to stand up to extreme weather conditions and survive the dry plains of their homeland.


1. Down to Earth – Flightless Birds

This is a captivating and thought-provoking documentary about the world’s largest bird – the ostrich. From its flightless wings to its powerful legs that can run up to 70 km/h, this impressive creature is explored in depth in this film. The documentary follows renowned ornithologists, researchers and conservationists as they explore the history of these unique birds. From their sleeping patterns to the evolution of their feathers, every detail is explored and discussed in this thoroughly researched film.The documentary also looks into the plight of wild African ostriches and how they can be protected from poachers and hunters. We follow researchers as they work with local conservationists.


3. African Ostrich Documentary

In the desert of Namibia, something remarkable is taking place. A family of ostriches have come together to care for eggs that are a whopping fifty times heavier than those of other egg-laying animals. The shell of the eggs are so thick and strong that it often takes both parents to help the chicks break out.


4. Ostrich the Flightless Bird

Ostriches are extraordinary creatures that have been living in Africa for ages. Their powerful legs and large wingspan make them a force to be reckoned with. They feed on mainly roots, leaves, and seeds and can also eat invertebrates when needed. When they sense danger, their long legs propel them forward at speeds of up to 45 mph and they communicate with other animals to warn them of danger.


5. Land of the Ostrich | Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

In this exploration of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, we take a look at the majestic ostriches that inhabit much of Africa. From their impressive size and speed, to their unique mating behavior, these fascinating birds have earned a permanent place in wildlife documentaries across the world.


6. Ostrich vs Man

This documentary takes an in-depth look at the amazing, yet often overlooked, world of ostriches. From their unique anatomy to their incredible speed and agility, this documentary follows man’s age-old battle against one of nature’s toughest creatures. We’ll explore the fascinating behavior of ostriches in their natural habitat as they hunt and scavenge for food, compete with predators, and even fight each other. We’ll also take a look at how humans interact with these avian giants, from attempts to domesticate them to using them as a source of entertainment.


7. Amazing Ostrich Farm Around The World

Ostriches are amazing creatures with a unique place in the world. From their majestic existence on African savannas to the bounty of products made from their feathers, hides, and eggs, these remarkable birds have a powerful presence. A journey around the world reveals some exquisite ostrich farms that provide an up-close look into the lives of ostriches. In addition, the best documentaries about ostriches give a fascinating look into the slaughterhouses and factories where these products are produced. From tanneries to eggshells processing centers, the incredible life cycle of the ostrich has been captured through cinema.


8. Couple raises OSTRICHES on their mountain homestead

The couple are an unlikely couple that share a unique passion for raising ostriches on their mountain homestead. With years of research and dedication, they have crafted the perfect environment to breed these magnificent creatures in a natural habitat.It’s not an easy job – the birds require constant attention and care in order for them to thrive in their new home. They rise to the challenge, but they quickly find out that raising ostriches is much more than just a full-time job. It’s also an undertaking of deep appreciation and profound respect for nature – which yields incredible rewards!


9. Ostriches and Elephants on Safari!

Experience the African Safari from a different perspective! This is an incredible documentary about ostriches and elephants that live in their natural habitats. Follow these majestic animals as they roam around during the day, interacting with each other and exploring the terrain of the safari. The documentary takes you on a journey through this unique ecosystem, allowing viewers to gain an understanding of the wildlife that inhabits it. From birds in flight to elephants charging, you’ll be immersed in the majestic beauty of it all.


10. Ostriches and other Ratites

Ostriches are an icon of the avian world, standing out due to their distinct physical features – large eyes, long necks and powerful legs. They’re also part of a unique group, as they are one of the few flightless birds in existence. But this isn’t all that sets them apart from other bird species; ostriches have developed special adaptations which have allowed them to thrive in even the harshest of habitats. From their impressive speed and agility, to their acute vision, these birds are truly remarkable creatures with an intriguing history. This is a feature-length documentary that delves into the lives of ostriches, exploring their evolution, behaviors, and ways of life on all four corners of our planet.


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