The 8 Best Documentaries About Kangaroos

Oct 14, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the fascinating world of kangaroos? Documentaries can be an amazing and educational way to learn more about these animals – from their behavior and habits, to environmental issues that affect them. We’ve rounded up some of the best documentaries featuring kangaroos so you can truly appreciate these majestic creatures. From award-winning films to powerful and moving stories, these documentaries will give you a great insight into the lives of kangaroos. So sit back, relax, and prepare for an educational and memorable documentary experience.


1. The Survival of the Kangaroo: Bushfire, Drought, and Heat Waves (Full Episode) | The Kangaroo King

Experience the incredible story of survival and resilience in Australia’s Outback. In The Kangaroo King, you’ll join with a local ranger as he uncovers how kangaroos living in a harsh environment are adapting to extreme conditions like bushfires, drought, and heatwaves. Witness firsthand the ingenious methods these marsupials use to fight for their lives every.


2. Kangaroo – Australian Kangaroos Documentary (Kangaroo Life)

Kangaroos are iconic animals of Australia, and they’re so popular around the world that there’s a plethora of documentaries available about them. If you want to learn more about these fascinating creatures, then DocuVibe is the perfect place. We have gathered together some of the best documentaries on Australian kangaroos for you to explore and enjoy.


3. The Kangaroo: Australia’s Most Controversial Animal

The kangaroo – a beloved animal of Australia and a source of both pride and controversy for its native land. The massive marsupial, once considered an iconic symbol of the country, has seen a dramatic shift in public opinion over the last few decades. Since their introduction to the world centuries ago, kangaroos have been viewed by many with awe.


4. Documentary National Geographic Kangaroo Comeback

Documentaries can be an incredible way to explore and learn about animals in a jaw-dropping format. One of the most popular documentaries out there that does this is Nat Geo’s ‘Kangaroo Comeback’. The documentary follows members of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, as they travel across Australia to track down one of the world’s oldest species – the Kangaroo.


5. Raising a Orphaned BABY Kangaroo | A Joey Called Jack | Animal Documentary

Jack was an orphaned kangaroo. His mother had been killed, leaving him alone and vulnerable in the wilds of Australia. That’s when his saviors stepped in: a group of volunteers dedicated to raising and rescuing baby kangaroos, affectionately known as joeys. This documentary follows Jack on his journey from infancy to adulthood as.


6. Nat Geo Wild | Documentary | The Kangaroo King

Kangaroos are the monarchs of Australia and the Kangaroo King is their leader! National Geographic Wild brings you up close and personal with this amazing animal. The documentary features stunning cinematography, highlighting the strength, agility, beauty, and intelligence of these incredible creatures. Get ready to go wild! Prepare for an adventure as you learn more about these majestic kang.


7. Kangaroo King Wildlife Documentary #kangaroo #documentary #natgeowild #natueswildtv

DocuVibe is the best way to experience Kangaroo King, one of the most incredible documentaries about these hopping marsupials. This National Geographic show takes you on an unforgettable journey through Australia’s Outback and introduces viewers to the fascinating lives of kangaroos in their natural habitat! You’ll get a front-row seat to watch as they interact with other animals.


8. Australian Red Kangaroos – Nature & Wildlife Documentary

Discover the fascinating world of Australian red kangaroos with this unique documentary series. From their diet to their habits, learn all about these majestic creatures and explore their habitat through stunning cinematography. Watch as they hop gracefully through grasslands and deserts, marvel at them bounding into the air, and study how they communicate with one another within a social structure.

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