The 20 Best Documentaries About Cults

Jul 7, 2023 | Best Of, Culture

Some people perceive cults as a fascinating group of people, while others see them as horrifying. Are you oDocumentary viewers and movie aficionados alike often have strong opinions about cults. Some may view them with fascination, while others may find them downright terrifying. But what is it that makes these groups so fascinating to some, yet so horrifying to others? In this article, we’ll explore the complex history of cults and how they’ve been portrayed in popular culture over the years. We’ll also take a look at why people are drawn to cults, as well as the darker side of their allure. By examining these aspects of cult life from multiple angles, we can gain a better understanding of what lies behind this mysterious of those who love watching documentaries about cults? Donโ€™t worry; we got you covered. Below, we have listed the top and highly recommended cults documentaries. Read on to know further.


1. The 5 Worst Cults of All Time

Have you ever wondered what pushes a person to engage in a cult and practice cult-like behaviors? What causes someone to leave their families, disregard their jobs, and even commit something that will take their own life just to fulfill their promise in joining a cult? The 5 Worst Cults of All Time is a documentary that will answer all your queries regarding cults. Most of us would think that the members of a cult are sheep or weak-minded. But the truth is that these groups use a psychological strategy that will encourage individuals to commit what the cult leader says. And that could be one of the interesting yet scariest things about cult members.


2. This is Japanโ€™s Most Evil Cult

This documentary shows how Asahara and his followers were punished and held responsible for these two attacks in Japan on 6 July 2018. These incidents gave great terror to the Japanese.

If you want to see how these situations happened and how they were planned by a single group, then you should watch Japanโ€™s Most Evil Cult documentary. This will surely leave you frightened.Are you a documentary viewer or movie aficionado? If so, then Japan’s Most Evil Cult is the film for you. This chilling documentary follows the story of Aleph, previously known as Aum Shinrikyo and established by Shoko Asahara in 1984.

3. Siberian Cult Leader Thinks He’s Jesus

This gripping and thought-provoking story follows the life of Sergei Torop, otherwise known as Vissarion. He was once a traffic police officer but established his own cult in which he made people believe he was Jesus reincarnated. Russian authorities arrested him and alleged that his organization practiced emotional abuse while making an income from its followers. The question remains: Is it possible tAre you passionate about documentaries and movies? Then this video is perfect for you! Get ready to explore the incredible story of Sergei Torop, also known as Vissarion.


4. The Lost Women Of NXIVM

Another cult documentary that is worth watching is The Lost Women of NXIVM. This documentary shows you the real situation that four women experienced when they were still a member of the NXIVM group. The Lost Women of NXIVM is a documentary that will reveal either these women died or vanished. It will also uncover the real reason behind this mysterious situation. The show will trace the eyewitnesses, informants, and former members of the group to make the investigation work.

5. The Group

The Group follows the five-year journey of its director to discover and expose the practices used by a cult-like group in order to control their teenage followers. Through interviews with expert witnesses, archival photographs, and former members, viewers will get an inside look into how these individuals struggled with drug addiction before being โ€˜rescuedโ€™ as well as what happened after they left The Group. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore this dark world of adolescent drug abuse programs.


6. The Cult with CIA Ties

Are you curious about a cult with CIA ties? This documentary is for you! It exposes the lawlessness and secrecy of this group, comprised of clandestine professionals from various fields such as labor, finance, commerce and even government. Get ready to be astounded by how it works – who protects them and how their transactions are conducted. Movie aficionados and documentary viewers will find this an intriguing watch, especially given its rapidly increasing number of members. Discover the amorality, elitism and counterproductive mindset that defines this cult in one amazing documentary!


7. Dangerous Mormon Cult

Are you curious to learn more about the mysterious and often misunderstood Mormon cult? The Dangerous Mormon Cult documentary is an eye-opening exploration into this religion’s dark secrets, from their forbidden foods to their controversial teachings. This real-life film exposes all the facts movie aficionados and documentary viewers would want to know, revealing a side of Mormonism that many have never seen before. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!


8. Documentary on the Cult of Materialism

Do you want to dive into the world of cults? Then this documentary is for you! Narrator Daphne Ellis takes viewers on an exciting journey through 18 of the best documentaries about cults. Are materialism and our identities, experiences, and environment compatible? Discover the evidence and decide for yourself with Escape! From the Cult of Materialism.

9. Jehovah’s Witness Cult

Have you ever experienced someone knocking on your door trying to convince you to switch religions? This documentary follows the stories of four former members of Jehovah’s Witnesses as they recount their experiences with sexual abuse while still part of the organization. Get an exclusive look into these stories by watching this highly informative documentary that reveals what it was like being a member of the cult-like group. Don’t miss out!


10. The Multilevel Marketing Cults

It investigates the dark world of cults that use Multi-Level Marketing strategies to make money by selling services and products. The film exposes why MLM schemes are illegal pyramid structures, and serves as a warning for those customers or companies who may have been victimized by these organizations. This must-watch show will leave you with an understanding of the dangers associated with this type of activity.


11. The Dark World of New Age Gurus

Then this video is for you! In it, we uncover the dark side of Secular Humanist New Age religions and its get-rich approach. We reveal how con artists use religion to make money off unsuspecting spiritual seekers. These New Age Gurus have created an entire pseudoscience religion based on their own needs to make an income from the uneducated and ignorant. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the truth behind these dangerous practices!


12. The Cult of David Dobrik: How to Keep A Group Obedient

If so, this video is for you! It’s about the life and times of David Dobrik, a YouTube sensation who used to make people laugh with his prank videos. But as he gained more followers, his pranks became more intense and sometimes dangerous. This documentary examines how manipulative David Dobrik was with his friends and others around him – plus the allegations of sexual assault that followed him. Watch this video to find out what really happened behind-the-scenes!


13. Heavenโ€™s Gate

Do you want to learn about one of the most mysterious cults in recent history? Then watch this documentary that tells the story of Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, who set off on a spiritual journey in 1974. This movie follows their quest as they combine Ufology, New Age and Christian millenarianism beliefs with an aim to reach heavenly bruv. Documentary viewers and movie aficionados alike will be enthralled by this remarkable tale which has been investigated by San Diego County police. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience!

14. The Dark Side Of The Church Of Scientology

This documentary unveils its dark side and provides an inside look into the reported allegations made towards its members. From claiming it as a legitimate religion to their exploitative practices, this film will give you an understanding of why this church has been involved in several controversies since its initiation in 1954. Watch now and discover The Dark Side of the Church of Scientology!


15. The Jonestown Massacre: Paradise Lost

The Jonestown Massacre: Paradise Lost is a special documentary about cults displayed on the History Channel, with an in-depth look into the last days of Jim Jones. It follows survivor accounts and eyewitnesses to show what happened at Jonestown before its mass murder-suicide. This movie will leave viewers stunned as they witness Reverend Jim Jones’ erratic behavior due to all the pressures he was under, leading up to his order for followers to commit suicide. Don’t miss out on this gripping tale if you’re a fan of movies that explore such topics – it’s sure to leave an impression!


16. Cults – History Channel

This documentary dives into the depths of these malicious groups, exploring their extreme beliefs and how they are passed on from generation to generation. Get an in-depth look at their psyche and characteristics, all while learning about how cults form and how each member behaves.


17. Cults, Explained – Netflix Documentary

Netflix’s documentary โ€œCults, Explainedโ€ is here to answer your questions! The show examines the reasons behind why internet communities allow these cults to exist without having a fixed leader. It also explores past cults such as Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Father Divin, NXIVM and more. You will learn the common characteristics of a cult and how they affect members. Also included are steps on how to join one if interested plus the possible reasons that lead someone to leave. This award-winning documentary is beneficial for students taking up Criminology or Social Psychology courses.



19. America’s Extreme Cults

Right Between Your Ears looks at the notion of cults, and why people join them. It explores the ideas behind some of the most controversial and extreme groups to have formed in recent history. Through interviews with former members, it examines the psychology behind joining a collective that has some strange beliefs, and how it affects their lives afterwards. The documentary also sheds light on what happens when those beliefs are challenged by external forces, such as law enforcement or government agentsโ€“both inside and outside of these groups.


20. EXPOSED! Jehovahโ€™s Witnesses Cult

For those curious to learn more about cults, these 20 documentaries provide a harrowing look into the lives of their members. From Scientology and Jonestown to NXIVM and Aum Shinrikyo, each film sheds light on the strange world of mind control and manipulation. All of these movies are available for streaming on popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and more. So grab your popcorn and prepare to be shocked โ€” but also inspired by stories of courage in the face of overwhelming power.




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