The 6 Best Documentaries About Jim Jones

Dec 12, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

Jim Jones is one of the most enigmatic figures in US history. His cult The People’s Temple and its eventual demise garnered public attention worldwide. For many, understanding the forces that drove Jim Jones’ actions has been an enigma, and filmmakers have stepped up to try to shed light on this shadowy figure. Here are some of the best documentaries about Jim Jones that you can watch to gain a deeper understanding of his life and legacy. From gripping accounts of the tragedy in Jonestown to interviews with former cult members, these documentary films offer a unique perspective on this polarizing figure.


1. Jim Jones Documentary

Jim Jones is a fascinating subject for documentaries, and one of the most notorious figures in American history. His story is now being explored further by filmmakers around the globe. Docuvibe brings you the best documentaries about Jim Jones and his infamous cult of followers known as the People’s Temple.From iconic director Errol Morris’ classic documentary “The Thin Blue Line” to.

2. Jim Jones documentary – Investigative Report Jonestown Mystery of a Massacre A&E (1999)

DocuVibe Presents: Jonestown Mystery of a Massacre A&E (1999) – the gripping and heart-wrenching account of mass tragedy that occurred under the leadership of Jim Jones. This investigative report delves into the events that led up to this dark event in history, as well as interviews with survivors who recount their experiences. In addition, there.

3. Jim Jones ~ The Peoples Temple ~ Jonestown Massacre 1978

Documentaries about Jim Jones have captivated audiences for decades. From his compelling and often bizarre persona to the unfathomable events that eventually transpired, filmmakers have strived to capture every angle. DocuVibe is proud to present a collection of the best documentaries about Jim Jones, offering viewers an opportunity to dive into one of history’s most gripping stories.

4. Jim Jones : The Jonestown Massacre

Jim Jones: The Jonestown Massacre is a harrowing documentary that tells the story of Jim Jones and his People’s Temple cult. Filmed entirely by survivors of the infamous massacre, this movie captures the inner workings of the community in vivid detail. Viewers follow along as those who were part of the movement learn hard lessons about faith and power. This documentary.


5. This is Jim Jones (Documentary 2009)

This Jim Jones documentary is a must-see for those looking to learn more about this infamous figure. It provides an in-depth look into the life and times of the controversial leader, from his upbringing in Indiana, to his rise to power as a religious leader with a worldwide following. With interviews from family members, former followers, and media personalities, this gripping film.

6. In Search Of: Jim Jones (October 31, 1981)

In the wake of the Jonestown Massacre, a renowned investigative journalist Diamonds began his search to uncover the truth about Jim Jones and find out what really happened in Guyana. In Search Of: Jim Jones takes viewers on this epic journey as he interviews survivors of the infamous 1979 massacre and explores documents that were previously hidden from the public eye. The documentary provides an unflinch.


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