The Best Documentaries About The Jonestown Cult Massacre

Jul 8, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

Are you curious about the events that led up to and surrounded one of the most infamous mass cult suicides in history? Look no further. Here, we have compiled a list of 15 documentaries detailing every aspect imaginable of the Jonestown massacre. From interviews with survivors to never-before-seen footage, these films provide an unrivaled look into this dark chapter in our collective past. Whether you are looking for background information or just something interesting to watch, this list has it all! So sit back and get ready to explore one of the darkest moments in American history through some truly remarkable documentaries.


Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle (2018)

Step into the world of Jim Jones, a man with a powerful presence and an even more sinister agenda. Uncover the shocking truth behind his rise to power and the ultimate downfall of his followers. Through gripping interviews and never-before-seen footage, this docu-series delves deep into one of America’s most terrifying chapters.




Jonestown: Paradise Lost (2007)

Through gripping survivor accounts and reenactments, this powerful documentary delves into the events leading up to one of the largest mass murders and suicides in history. The chilling tale of Jim Jones and his cult of believers will leave you on the edge of your seat, unable to look away.






The Jonestown Haunting (2020)

For decades, the infamous Jonestown massacre has been a haunting piece of history that continues to captivate and terrify us. And for Sarah Logan, one of the few survivors of this tragedy, the memories still haunt her in her dreams.






Jonestown Women Behind the Massacre (2018)

Step back in time and uncover the truth behind one of the most infamous tragedies in history. This gripping documentary delves into the untold stories of four women who were intricately involved in the 1978 Jonestown Massacre in Guyana.




Murderous Minds – Jim Jones (2020)

Jim Jones was a charismatic and controversial leader who captivated the hearts and minds of thousands. His rise to power as a self-proclaimed faith healer in the 1950s seemed promising, but it ultimately led to one of the most horrifying tragedies in American history.







The Best Free Documentaries About The Jonestown Cult Massacre


1. Jonestown Cult Suicides

One of the most horrifying documentaries in the history of Jonestown is the Jonestown Cult Suicides. This documentary explores the underrated historical event in the United States. This documentary traces back when this mass execution in Jonestown, which took place on 18 November 1978. It shows the death of more than 900 members of a religious cult headed by Jim Jones. This film shows archive testimonies from survivors, including Stephan – the son of the cult leader, Jim Jones. This documentary will show you what happened on that apocalyptic day from the survivor’s testimonies.


2. The Survivors Speak

The Survivors Speak is a dramatic documentary that shows the lives of individuals who became a victim of Jim Jones’ manipulative act. This is a more than one-hour documentary that shows a series of disturbing footage. This video will give you a creepy vibe by hearing the screams of innocent individuals trying to fight for their lives. The most disturbing thing about this Jonestown documentary is when some individuals attempted to escape the manipulation of Jim Jones, but his evil power bewitched the rest. Compared to other documentaries about Jonestown, this one shows the actual faces of young individuals slowly dying. It is shocking and tragic.


3. Jim Jones Documentary

An almost 45-minute documentary about Jim Jones shows the life of a cult leader and claimed to be a pastor in a church in Jonestown. Jones was an American preacher, political activist, cult leader, and mass murderer. If you watch this documentary, you will think how manipulative this cult leader was who has convinced a lot of their followers to join the ‘mass-suicide. This documentary entails the importance of trusting God instead of a person claiming that he was a god.


4. The Final Report

The Final Report is a documentary about Jonestown that shows how a person’s religion can be changed by someone trying to force that person to follow his agenda. Most individuals who have already watched this documentary stated that it is better to trust those who are looking for the truth than those claiming they already found it. Aside from that, this documentary will also cover the city and national political enablers who have been involved in the mass-murdering that happened in Jonestown.


5. Jonestown: The Life & Death of Peoples Temple

The Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple is one of the greatest Jonestown Documentaries showing what a church will turn out when headed by a pastor with no faith in Jesus. The two notable characters that will greatly affect your life are Charles Manson and Jim Jones. This documentary will hurt everyone’s heart as it shows how the lives of innocent people were blown away by a soulless pastor and cult leader. Beyond that, this documentary also shows the dual personality of Jim Jones: trying to look good on the surface with a dark personality inside.


6. NBC Archive Footage of Jonestown

Suppose you are a fan of watching old documentaries that provide comprehensive and very detailed events that happened in history. In that case, we highly recommend you to watch this NBC Archive Footage of Jonestown. This documentary will give you a lot of lessons about the lives of dedicated individuals who have been manipulated by someone that led to their death. This show is perfect for students taking psychology courses.


7. The Jonestown Documentary

The Jonestown Documentary is a show that includes actual interviews between the individuals who survived this mass murder-suicide in Jonestown. This documentary will open your eyes and mind regarding the real situation that happened in the said tragic event. This documentary shows the unseen footage you have never seen before in most Jonestown documentaries. It will also give you a deeper understanding of the Jonestown Massacre and its aftermath. This documentary is perfect for documentary viewers, true crime aficionados, and movie goers alike. With this documentary, you can gain insights into the tragedy that took place in 1978 and its lasting effects on our society.


8. Return to Jonestown: Survivors revisit site 40 years after the tragedy

The mind behind the tragedy that caused the death of more than 100 children, women, and men was Jim Jones. He was a cult leader who commanded his followers to drink a deadly cyanide-laced drink. This documentary shows when the survivors revisit Jonestown 40 years after the tragedy happened. In this show, you will witness the surprising and courageous story of the tragedy’s survivors.


9. Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle

This Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle is a documentary that was released 40 years after this mass execution-suicide in Jonestown happened in 1978. The said event took the lives of over 900 Americans. This documentary includes four parts covering the situations on the Peoples Temple religious group. This documentary on Jim Jones has been the most prominent mass suicide that happened in United States history.


10. The Jonestown Massacre: Paradise Lost

One of the most popular Jonestown documentaries is The Jonestown Massacre: Paradise Lost. This documentary recounts the remaining days of People’s Temple, its founder, and Jonestown itself. Coming from the information provided by the survivor recollection as well as eyewitnesses, the documentary showed the remaining days before 18 November 1987 when this mass execution-suicide happened. Not only does it retell the events, it also raised many questions about how and why this happened.


11. The Cult Leader Behind The Mass Murder-Suicide Of 909 People | Murder Made me Famous | Beyond Crime

Jim Jones was the cult leader and founder of the People’s Temple. Known for his extreme beliefs on Christianity, socialist politics, and racial equality, Jones is in famous for the mass murder-suicide he led of 909 of his followers in Jonestown, Guyana. Urging his followers to drink a cyanide-laced punch as a sign of loyalty, the 1978 event resulted in the greatest single loss of American lives before 9/11.


12. The Rise And Fall Of The Peoples Temple Cult (Jonestown Massacre)

In Jonestown, Jim Jones, The Peoples Temple and Church’s notorious leader, led his congregation to their deaths, where over 900 people died from drinking cyanide-laced Flavor Aid. Merle and Joyce dive in to learn all about the rise and fall of The Peoples Temple.


13. The Story of the Deadliest Cult in History

The Jonestown Massacre is one of the most infamous cult-related events in history. Join us today as we take an in-depth look at this tragic event and explore why it happened. We’ll discuss the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ, its leader Jim Jones, and how their relocation to Guyana was a catalyst for disaster. Learn about how religious organizations can quickly become dangerous cults when led by someone with questionable intentions. It’s a story that will leave you questioning what could have been done to prevent such a tragedy from occurring.



Featuring interviews with surviving members as well as audio recordings from the infamous temple sermon, this documentary provides an unparalleled look into the events leading up to and following the Jonestown tragedy.


15. Deceived – The Jonestown Tragedy

Follow along with these 15 documentaries that will capture every detail and emotion about this dark chapter of history-from start to finish. Witness exclusive interviews with people who were there at the time, and hear their thoughts on the tragedy. Explore never-before-seen footage of Jim Jones’s sermons, and take a closer look at the dangerous inner workings of his church.Relive this historic event through these gripping documentaries that will bring you up close to the lives taken in Jonestown.


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