The 19 Best Documentaries About Dinosaurs

Jul 7, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

There is no doubt that a worth watching documentary about dinosaurs is hard to find. A lot of dinosaurs documentaries you can find online are created to entertain people rather than give information to the viewers. Many movie creators choose dinosaurs as the main topic because it is one of the best science topics most patronized by viewers. Considering that several documents tell the history of dinosaurs, it is hard to create an accurate dinonosaurs documentary. Did you know that dinosaur research is considered to be controversial? This is because of the “Bone Wars” era caused by mishandled dinosaur specimens. Aside from that, it also became controversial because it is hard to find conclusions regarding animals that existed several millenniums ago using a limited number of fossil records. Despite that, you can still find educational and engaging documentaries about dinosaurs. Although you might notice minimal flaws in these documentaries, we can still say that they are worth watching with your friends and families who are also love digging more information about dinosaurs  These 20 mind-blowing documentaries about dinosaurs will surely keep you in awe and amazement.


1. The Day the Mesozoic Died: The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs – Documentaries about Dinosaurs

In this documentary, you will know how dinosaurs were killed. Backed with lots of scientific studies, paleontologists will share with you the possible reasons behind the disappearance of these giant monsters. you a documentary viewer or movie aficionado? Then this is the perfect video for you! In this unique documentary, we will take an in-depth look at dinosaurs and their sudden disappearance from our planet. With lots of scientific studies to back it up, paleontologists will share with us possible reasons behind the extinction of these giant monsters.


2. T-Rex: New Science, New Beast – T-rex Documentary

Dinosaurs were a group of giant animals that lived on the land for more than several centuries ago. But no one knows why these ancient creatures suddenly disappeared. This is another T-Rex documentary that will give you detailed information about T-Rex. According to various sources, T-rex is a giant dinosaur species that lurked on the Earth 65 million years ago. This is one of the fierce predators of large animals. Experts claimed that it is around 40 feet long, weighing 12 thousand pounds, and looks like the giant version of Godzilla. This documentary follows a group of professionals who recreate a realistic structure of the T-Rex. Find more information about this predator by watching this documentary.


3. Terror Raptor: The Prehistoric King Of The Beasts – Velociraptor Documentary

Mammals are a type of animal on Earth that is powerful and deadly. Considering that these monster birds were gone more than 50 million years ago, this documentary uses computer-generated images and videos to show how these terror birds hunt their prey. Aside from that, this documentary also features a scene showing the whole-body fossil bones of a velociraptor for the viewers to imagine how huge this predator was. This documentary is a must-watch for all dinosaur and documentary viewers.


4. The Great Dinosaurs of Japan – Documentaries about Dinosaurs

Did you know that Japan is also stalked by dinosaurs? If not, The Great Dinosaurs of Japan is one of the dinosaur documentaries you should watch. One of the best things about this film documentary is that, unlike other documentaries, this one features realistic dinosaurs with bolder colors and very detailed structures. Each scene included in this video was presented and narrated properly. The narrator shares factual and reliable information about the great dinosaurs of Japan. This documentary gained lots of fans around the world because of the helpful information it provides.


5. On The Trail of Prehistory –  Dinosaurs Documentary

One of the popular documentaries about Dinosaurs is “On The Trail of Prehistory.” This documentary follows a team of paleontologists who share their research and ideas with their fellow experts regarding dinosaurs. Aside from that, these professionals also examine footprints and bones, which were believed to be dinosaurs. With the use of 3D animated dinosaur models, this documentary unravels the mysteries that happened in Northern Germany. Movie aficionados and documentary viewers may also be thrilled to watch “The Last Dinosaur,” which is a classic sci-fi. This film follows the adventures of paleontologists who try to find an ancient creature that is believed to have survived from extinction. It also features interviews with experts about how prehistoric animals lived in their environment.


6. The Last Days of the Dinosaurs – Documentaries about Dinosaurs

The Last Days of the Dinosaurs is a well-known documentary about dinosaurs that shows how these ancient creators reached their extinction. This documentary considers the Alvarez hypothesis as the main reason behind the disappearance of dinosaurs. This program reused the dinosaur models presented in the Clash of the Dinosaurs. The species of dinosaurs involved in this documentary include Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Saurornithoides, Charonosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Alamosaurus. Considering the special effects and real-like models of dinosaurs presented in this show, the film was nominated in the 26th Gemini Awards for the Best Science or Nature Documentary.


7. Death of Megabeasts – Documentaries on Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are composed of a wide range of reptiles under the class Dinosauria. These large predators were first seen in the Triassic era. This documentary focuses on researching the exact origin of dinosaurs, but according to the latest scientific consensus, it is stated that dinosaurs evolved between 231 and 243 million years ago. When the Triassic to Jurassic extinction event happened 201 million years ago, dinosaurs were considered as one of the most terrestrial and dominant vertebrates. The existence of these ancient animals continued through the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods and was thought to be extinct during the Cretaceous to Paleogene periods.


8. Dinosaurs Unearthed: Spinosaurus, Large Specialist Predator – Spinosaurus Documentary

Dinosaurs Unearthed released a documentary about Spinosaurus, which was considered the largest specialist predator in the world. Almost 100 years ago, this species of dinosaur existed on the Earth during the Cenomanian ad Turonian stages. Considering its massive size, Spinosaurus was considered to be larger than other theropods who also lived on lands, such as Carcharodontosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus. According to the latest size estimate of this specimen, Spinosaurus could reach lengths of 15 to 16 meters or 49 to 52 feet. This documentary shows clips featuring some animal’s body parts, including its skull.


9. Spinosaurus Dinosaur Bigger Than T-Rex – Documentaries about Dinosaurs

If you think that Tyrannosaurus Rex is the biggest animal that existed in history, you are probably wrong. For more than 100 years ago, several paleontologists discovered a lot of hints indicating that there is a monster species that is larger and more powerful than the T-Rex. They found spectacular bones which they have believed were from a dinosaur species called the Spinosaurus. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, these fossils were destroyed and broken into pieces. Because of that, the possible existence of Spinosaurus became a mystery and gained a lot of questions. Fortunately, this documentary opens an investigation about Spinosaurus. This documentary will answer the question, “Is Spinosaurus bigger than T-Rex?”


10. King of the Seas – Documentary about Megalodon

What would you answer when someone asked you who or what is the king of the seas? Most of you will tell that sharks are the king of the seas. In line with that, one of the biggest and most popular species of sharks is Megalodon. This documentary about Megalodon shows how powerful and deadly this shark species is. The narrator tells a story about the history of this creator up to the reasons why it has been extinct. One of the best things about this documentary is that it provides important details about Megalodon you have never heard before. Aside from that, the videos and pictures featured in this documentary are presented superbly.


11. Clash of Dinosaurs – Documentaries about Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were considered one of the survival machines in history that ruled the world for more than 120 million years. Up to these days, we see these ancient animals as robotic models and skeletons. This documentary features different details about dinosaurs, including their lifestyle. As this documentary focuses on the dinosaurs’ lifestyle, it shows how these animals defend themselves against their opponents, how they hunt and eat their prey, how they adjust to environmental changes, and how they reproduce.inosaurs have always been an interesting topic for documentary viewers and movie aficionados. With the 20 Mind-Blowing Documentaries about Dinosaurs, you get insight into the world of dinosaurs that can’t be found anywhere else! From full length feature films to short video clips, these documentaries offer a unique way to learn about these ancient creatures.


12. Tarbosaurus: The Mightiest Ever II – Tarbosaurus Documentary

Tarbosaurus: The Mightiest Ever I is an adventure film that took place in South Korea. It was launched in 2012. This documentary shows how dinosaurs stalked the Korean Peninsula 70 million years ago. During that time, Tarbosaurus and other species of dinosaurs live in a forest, which was now known as Jeonnam Yeosu. This documentary involves a Tarbosaurus family composed of a father, a mother, and two siblings who were being taught how to hunt. With its realistic images and videos of dinosaurs lurking in the forest, there is no doubt why it is considered one of the wonderful stories about dinosaurs.



13. Tarbosaurus: The Mightiest Ever I – Tarbosaurus Documentary

There is no doubt that Tyrannosaurus Rex is considered one of the most popular extinct animals in the world. Unfortunately, many of the outdated books and Hollywood movies about this animal confused many readers and viewers. Considering its popularity, this dinosaurs species has been featured in different postal stamps, advertisements, and films. Fortunately, National Geographic released a documentary about Tyrannosaurus Rex. This is a documentary that gives detailed and factual information about these large animals. This is a documentary that shows computer-generated images of the T-Rex and its fossils. It also narrates the history of these animals and how they were used in films.


14. Tyrannosaurus Rex: National Geographic T-rex Documentary

There is no doubt that Tyrannosaurus Rex is considered one of the most popular extinct animals in the world. Unfortunately, many of the outdated books and Hollywood movies about this animal confused many readers and viewers. Considering its popularity, this dinosaurs species has been featured in different postal stamps, advertisements, and films. Fortunately, National Geographic released a documentary about Tyrannosaurus Rex. This is a documentary that gives detailed and factual information about these large animals. This is a documentary that shows computer-generated images of the T-Rex and its fossils.


15. Predatory Monsters – Dinosaurs Documentary

Are you looking for a detailed documentary about dinosaurs that dig deeper into the full history of these large creators? Then, you should watch this dinosaurs documentary entitled Predatory Monsters. This documentary shows how these animals stalked some parts of the world. Using computer-generated images and videos, the creator of this documentary had prepared well-edited animations and sequences telling the stories of dinosaurs from their beginning to their extinction.



16. Giants of Patagonia –  Documentaries about Dinosaurs

The Giants of Patagonia is a documentary that shows the largest animal in the world, dinosaurs. This documentary is hosted by Professor Rodolfo Coria, who is one of the renowned paleontologists in the world. Professor Coria started his trip to discover the history of these large dinosaurs in his home country in Argentina. This documentary featured two species of dinosaurs: The Giganotosaur and the plant-eating Argentinosaur. Both of these dinosaurs are bipedal carnivores which are believed to be as large as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. One of the best things about this documentary is that it displays CGI (Computer-Generated Images) and real-life dinosaurs exploration. Using CGI, this film shows how these ancient creatures traveled the land and hunted their prey.


17. Britain’s Deadliest Prehistoric Predators – Dinosaurs Documentary

Britain’s Deadliest Prehistoric Predators is a two-part special documentary about dinosaurs. In this documentary, dinosaurs are considered the largest animal in the world and the deadliest predators in history. This series is hosted by Ellie Harrison and Dean Lomax, who is one of the youngest paleontologists in Britain. This documentary shows the intriguing history of dinosaurs and how these huge animals roamed the land of Britain. Britain is the most popular area where most dinosaur documentaries were filmed because this area houses over 50 species of dinosaurs. Harrison and Lomax use the most modern CGI reconstructions to show the actual appearance of these ancient creatures, the way they hunt, and the reason behind their extinction.


18. Prehistoric Wildlife: Monster – National Geographic Documentary about Dinosaurs

One of the best documentaries about dinosaurs is the Prehistoric Wildlife: Monster. This documentary shows that the giants lurking in the Great Southern Land are the first largest animals that exist on land. Researchers also discovered that some of these giant animals are the most dangerous of all. In this documentary, you will find giant kangaroos, titanic dinosaurs, prehistoric crustaceans, and sea monsters disappearing deadly asteroids and mountains. The setting of this documentary will give you chills and nostalgia. The narrator explains the history of dinosaurs in detail while a 3D dinosaur animation is being played.


19. Uncovering the Secrets of the Last Day of Dinosaurs! | Documentary

In this documentary, you’ll learn what really happened on the “last day of dinosaurs”. From the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs to the rise of mammals, you’ll find out the whole story in this exciting documentary.

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