The 15 Best Documentaries About Sharks

Jul 12, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Nature

Take a deep dive into the fascinating, and often misunderstood, world of sharks with these 15 best documentaries about sharks. From tales of survival to explorations of pristine habitats, these award-winning films showcase the beauty and power of these sleek underwater creatures. Get ready to be captivated as you journey through the depths of our oceans with some of the most acclaimed documentaries ever created about sharks.


1. Rise of the Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is one of the most feared and iconic predators in the ocean. In recent years, their population off the coast of central California has been on a steady rise. This documentary takes you to Farallon Island, Tomales Point and Año Nuevo Island – three sites where researchers have identified nearly 300 individual great white sharks over 2,500 hours between 2011 and 2018! Learn more about this incredible species and why their numbers are growing as we explore these places filled with seals and fish that provide them with a wholesome diet.


2. Gold Coast Shark Attacks

A shocking event happened on the Gold Coast in Australia when a 46-year old man was killed by a shark attack at Greenmount Beach. The 3-meter great white shark claimed its victim and authorities blocked off an 18-kilometer stretch of beach to undertake searches for the animal. This marks the first fatal assault on this tourist destination’s beaches in nearly 60 years. But not all stories involving sharks have ended tragically! A surfer from Australia managed to save his wife from a similar situation by hitting the shark with his board, giving her enough time to escape.


3. Sharks Attack Why?

Sharks have always been portrayed as dangerous creatures in popular culture, but what is the truth behind their attacks on humans? In this documentary, we explore why sharks attack and how they interact with people. From mistaken identity to feeling threatened by humans, we get a deeper look into shark behavior and the effects of human contact. We also take a closer look at the different species of sharks and how humanity has impacted their lives through hunting and fishing. Dive into the depths of our oceans with us to learn more about these amazing creatures!


4. The Greenland Shark: The Search for a 400 years old Monster

Unlock the secrets of one of the oldest creatures living in the Arctic Icy waters – The Greenland Shark. Scientists believe that this species may be as old as 400 years! Discover how they survive such an extreme lifespan, and learn why researchers think these sharks become independent from birth. Watch this documentary to dive into a world of exploration and mystery!


5. Tiger Shark: The Thug of the Sea

Tiger Sharks are among the most feared predators in the sea, and for good reason. They have powerful jaws capable of breaking through even the toughest shells, allowing them to feast on a huge variety of food – including stingrays, squids, sea snakes and more. But these sharks also have an unsavory reputation as man-eaters; second only to Great White Sharks when it comes to attacking humans. In this documentary we explore what makes the Tiger Shark such a formidable predator as well as its unique feeding habits which include scavenging items like old tires and license plates!


6. Sharks 101

Learn all about the fascinating world of sharks in this educational documentary. Sharks are found in oceans around the globe, with some species migrating far distances to feed and breed. We’ll explore how different shark species behave – from solitary hunters to those that form social groups – as well as their diets, which range from small fish to larger marine mammals like seals and sea lions. Plus, uncover the mystery of Greenland sharks, who have been determined to be Earth’s longest-lived vertebrate creatures at an incredible 272 years! Dive into Shark 101 for an unforgettable look at these amazing creatures.


7. Great White Sharks

Are you fascinated with the mysterious world of Great White Sharks? In this documentary, we explore their incredible journey through time and uncover some of their most interesting secrets. We’ll look at how they have managed to survive five mass extinctions throughout history and why they are still around today! Additionally, we will delve into their breeding cycle – from birth to adulthood – and learn more about what makes them so powerful in the water. Get ready for an amazing adventure as we dive deep into the waters of these majestic creatures!


8. Sharks: Kings of the Ocean

Explore the incredible and majestic world of sharks! Learn about the “king of the ocean” – great white sharks, who are renowned for their size, strength, and agility. Discover fascinating facts about their capabilities and why they are both feared and respected. Get an in-depth look into bull sharks’ attacks on unsuspecting swimmers that have been mistakenly attributed to great whites. This video dives deep into these amazing creatures of the sea with a selection of shark documentaries you won’t want to miss!


9. Scavengers of the Seas

The sea is a mysterious place, and within its depths lies one of the most impressive predators – the shark. But did you know that sharks have adapted to hunt in fascinating ways? In this documentary, dive into the lives of these creatures as they assess their prey for more calorically decadent morsels. Witness them use easy targets to fill up their bellies and even regurgitating bites to make room for second helpings! Get ready for an exciting journey through the depths of our oceans with Scavengers of The Seas: Documentaries about Sharks!


10. The Incredible Untold Story of Shark Reef

Dive into the incredible story of Shark Reef, a small reef patch off Viti Levu in Fiji. In this documentary, you will be able to witness up to 8 unique shark species including bull, silvertip, lemon and tiger sharks. Learn about the remarkable project initiated by a local dive operator in 1998 that aimed at developing a tourist shark dive on Shark Reef. Discover how the Shark Reef Marine Reserve project began in 2002 with an ambitious goal of preserving parts of Shark Reef as no-take zones while simultaneously benefiting local stakeholders through tourism development initiatives. Uncover the details behind this participatory enterprise planning approach to MPA management and its successful integration into applicable planning and control techniques!


11. Into The Shark Zone

It’s a dangerous time of year to be swimming in the waters off some of America’s most popular beaches. That is because it marks the return of teenage great white sharks, drawn to these areas by an abundance of prey. In this documentary we take an up-close look at why these majestic creatures come back into what has become known as “the shark zone”. Follow along as Dave Malkoff dives deep and explores how humans can better coexist with our aquatic neighbors.


12. Tiger Shark: The Ocean Scavengers

Tiger Sharks are one of the most impressive and feared creatures in the ocean. With their intimidating size, they dominate the marine world as great predators and scavengers. In this documentary, we will explore why these sharks are so successful in their environment and what makes them such powerful hunters. We’ll also look at some of the unique characteristics that make Tiger Sharks stand out from other sea life!


13. White Shark – Nature of the Beast

Get ready for an incredible journey into the depths of the ocean as we explore one of nature’s most feared predators – White Sharks! Join us and uncover some remarkable facts about these creatures, while learning more about their behavior and habits in this insightful documentary. You won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to witness nature’s wildest side up close!


14. When a Shark Meets a Hungry Orca

Witness an epic showdown in the ocean depths! When a shark meets a hungry orca, it can be an intense battle for survival. This documentary follows two of nature’s predators as they clash in this underwater drama. Watch how the orca uses its size and speed to outwit the shark, and see who will come out on top!


15. Shark Divers – One of the World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Are you fascinated by sharks and the people who interact with them? Shark Divers is a feature-length documentary that takes us up close and personal with these graceful yet powerful creatures. We meet the adrenaline junkies, conservationists, photographers, and scientists who make their living studying sharks in the wild or in aquariums. From tiger to lemon to mako to whale sharks – even great whites – we learn about each species’ characteristics while also discovering what motivates these brave divers. Along the way, we get an intimate look at how myth has shaped our perception of man-eating monsters…and how reality can be so much more beautiful!

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