The 15 Best Documentaries About Brooke Shields

Aug 6, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities

Brooke Shields has been a beloved figure in Hollywood for decades, and her life story is one that many people find fascinating. From her early childhood success as a model to her more recent roles on the big and small screen, there’s no doubt that Brooke Shields has had an impressive career. For those looking to learn more about the star’s life, documentaries are an excellent source of information. Here we take a look at 15 of the best documentaries about Brooke Shields – from biographical films to ones focusing on specific aspects of her career – so you can get up close and personal with this iconic actress. So grab your popcorn and get ready for some insightful viewing!


1. Brooke Shields

This documentary follows the story of a young computer technician who is stalked and harassed by a colleague with an unhealthy obsession. We witness the psychological toll it takes on her as she deals with this dangerous mental instability, all while trying to keep her life together. Join us in exploring how one person’s twisted actions can affect another person’s life and safety.


2. Brooke Shields Posed For PLAYBOY

We all know Brooke Shields as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but do we really know what it took for her to get there? From starting out as a model at 11 and landing her first job with Playboy magazine, Brooke’s road to celebrity was not easy. In this video, I take you through some of Brooke’s turbulent life experiences and how she managed to stay on top despite them. We’ll cover her rocky childhood, exploitation by Hollywood executives, estranged relationship with mother/momager and two marriages. Plus I will give my opinion on how she was able to withstand all these adversities and remain successful throughout her career.


3. Running Wild

Join journalist Jane Smith as she embarks on a journey to Africa, with the hopes of creating an amazing story about conservationist John Varty and his work following a mother leopard. Along the way, Jane faces many obstacles from unexpected encounters with animals to difficulties created by station executives who are trying to prevent her from filming her documentary. Will Jane be able to complete her film? Follow along and find out!


4. Brooke Shield’s TRAUMATIC Childhood

This documentary takes a deep dive into Brooke Shields’ childhood. From her mother’s alcoholism to her underage Playboy shoot, and the creepy executives she encountered along the way, this film reveals how these difficult experiences shaped Brooke’s life and career. Join us as we explore some of the most traumatic moments from Brooke Shield’s past.


5. Meet Brooke Shields’ Gorgeous Daughters

Do you want to meet two gorgeous daughters of Brooke Shields? In this video, we will take a look at the beautiful lives of Rowan and Grier Henry. Witness their journey as they follow in the footsteps of their mother, Brooke Shields, who is an iconic actress. Get ready to be mesmerized by their amazing stories!


6. The Price of Pretty

In the world of beauty, Brooke Shields has been a pioneer. From her iconic Calvin Klein ads to her role in The Blue Lagoon, she paved the way for how women could be seen and portrayed. But what is the cost of such beautiful fame? In this documentary, we explore Brooke’s journey and learn about the price that comes with being pretty.


7. Brooke Shields opens up about her ‘Pretty Baby’

Brooke Shields shares her story of growing up in the spotlight and being highly sexualized as a young girl. In this two-part documentary, Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, she peels back the curtain on what it was like to be a child model. She also talks about her relationship with her mother and how she has shared these experiences with her own daughters. Get an inside look at the life of one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars!


8. Brooke Shields On New Doc

In her new Hulu documentary “Pretty Baby”, Brooke Shields opens up about the challenges she faced in growing up in the limelight and how asking for help enabled her to move forward. She also talks about her complicated relationship with her mother, and Kelly praises Brooke for being open about postpartum depression. As well as this, Brooke shares some insight into adjusting to life when her daughter goes off to college. Learn more from this candid conversation that focuses on objectification of young women in entertainment industry and finding strength through resilience.


9. Brooke Shields Talks About The Modeling Industry

Join ELLE as we sit down with Brooke Shields to discuss her iconic career in the modeling industry, how she’s using TikTok to connect with fans, and why she loves being a grandmother. Learn about Brooke’s experience navigating Hollywood over the years and see what life looks like now that she’s found success both on-screen and off. It’s an inspiring story you won’t want to miss!


10. Brooke Shields Breaks Down Richard Avedon’s Most Iconic Photos

Brooke Shields narrates a special documentary celebrating the life and work of Richard Avedon. This film takes us deep into some of his most iconic photos, featuring timeless images from Audrey Hepburn to Brooke’s own Calvin Klein ad to Marilyn Monroe. Watch this unique exploration of Avedon’s work as told by one of today’s leading figures in entertainment, Brooke Shields!


11. Brooke Shields – Losing Virginity

This documentary explores the life of Brooke Shields, from her rise to fame as a child model to her relationship with Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson. It dives into how she lost her virginity at an early age and how that affected her career trajectory. Follow along on this journey of self-discovery and learn about one woman’s struggles in the spotlight.


12. Brooke Shields Credits Her Daughter

Join Kit Hoover and Brooke Shields as they discuss her projects, “Holiday Harmony” and podcast, “Now What?”. Brooke shares how being a mother of two has taught her to embrace body positivity and how she feels better than ever before in her 50’s. Tune into the HBO Max premiere of “Holiday Harmony” on Thanksgiving day, or listen to Brooke’s podcast for more inspiring stories. Don’t miss this unique chance to hear from one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars!


13. Michael Jackson & Brooke Shields

Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields were a pop power couple that captured the imagination of the world during the 1980s. Their relationship extended far beyond what was reported in the press, although its exact nature remained a mystery. In this documentary we explore their connection to each other and uncover an untold story of love, companionship and friendship that has lasted for decades.


14. Brooke Shields on the Sexualization of Girls in Hollywood

Hollywood is often portrayed as a place of glamour and fame, but underneath this facade lies an uncomfortable truth: the sexualization of young girls. In this video, Brooke Shields dives into the issue of how teenage girls are often exploited in films and media for their sex appeal. She shares her personal experiences with Hollywood’s gender bias and examines why it has become so prevalent in our society today. With her testimony, she hopes to bring awareness to this issue and push for change in the industry.


15. Daughter Has Grown Up To Be Her Twin

Brooke Shields was a teen idol of the 1980s, catapulted to fame by her roles in iconic movies like The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love. But before that, she laid the groundwork for her success through modeling – most notably with a controversial Calvin Klein Jeans commercial in 1980. In this video we take a look back at Brooke Shield’s rise to stardom as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars!



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