The 13 Best Documentaries About Mars

Jul 11, 2023 | Best Of, Science

Exploring Mars has been a fascination for centuries. It is the fourth planet from the Sun, approximately half as far out of our orbit and 202,828,000 kilometers away from the sun on an elliptical path. This red planet has two moons – Phobos and Deimos – that move around it in different orbits. But what makes Mars so attractive to explore? What sets it apart from other planets? The answer lies in its similarities with Earth; although Mars is much colder than Earth, its atmosphere consists mostly of carbon dioxide which can be used to produce food with Autonomous Photosynthesis Organism (Apo), while its terrain features craters and volcanoes that are three times taller than Mount Everest! Additionally, there’s evidence of past flowing water at riverbeds located on the planet’s surface. These facts make colonizing Mars seem closer than ever before – although colonists must face obstacles such as dust storms caused by atmospheric pressure drops during summer seasons and lack of liquid oceans or rivers – they will need proper medical equipment and ventilation systems to survive on this unique red planet.


1. SpaceX – The First 10.000 Days on Mars

Are you ready to explore the new frontier of space travel? Join us as we take a journey with SpaceX and Elon Musk on their incredible mission to Mars! In this mini documentary, we’ll uncover how they are preparing for the first 10,000 days on the Red Planet, what life will be like for its inhabitants during each launch window mission, and how SpaceX is revolutionizing space exploration. Discover the impressive fleet of Starships that have been designed to make this historic voyage possible and learn about the long-term vision for building an entirely self-sustaining colony on Mars by 2050. Get ready to blast off into outer space in search of our intergalactic future!


2. Destination MARS: From The Moon To The Red Planet

Are you ready to explore the red planet? This video will take you on a journey from the moon to Mars and beyond. We’ll discuss how mankind is about to embark in a new era of space travel, with astronauts returning to the moon and humans setting foot on Mars for the first time ever! Follow along as we look at NASA’s most ambitious attempt yet – Perseverance – which launched July 30th, 2020. Discover what lies ahead as we prepare for this journey into an unknown world and learn what challenges await us when we get there. Get ready for Destination MARS: From The Moon To The Red Planet!


3. Mars Making the New Earth

Mars is a planet full of infinite possibilities and potential. In this documentary, we explore the idea of creating a new Earth on Mars – what would it take to do so? Join us as we uncover how humans could inhabit the red planet and live in peace and prosperity. With over 100 times the surface area of our own home, there are endless resources available for us to make use of. Find out how we can get there with this fascinating journey into space!


4. Looking for Life on Mars

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission is an ambitious quest to uncover signs of ancient life on the Red Planet. On board is a four-pound helicopter that will conduct test flights, including one on another planet. The Perseverance Rover will descend into Jezero Crater and attempt to lower the spacecraft in order to examine the region for potential signs of life and gather samples for return to Earth. An external camera captures pictures during its flight over periods which can be used to verify their condition after reaching Mars. Additionally, this mission seeks out technology that could convert Martian air into oxygen, which may be utilized as fuel or even breathed by humans on future missions! Come explore with us as we look for life on Mars with this exciting documentary!


5. Welcome to Mars

Explore Mars with us and discover the secrets it holds! Join Mission Control and two robotic explorers as they embark on a quest to find evidence of liquid water, an essential element for life. See how the team navigates this daunting task while uncovering new information about our neighboring planet. Find out if their mission is successful in this thrilling documentary!


6. Mars: Dead or Alive

The exploration of Mars has captivated the attention of people for centuries. This documentary takes us on a journey to uncover what lies beneath the Martian surface and whether or not life exists there. Witness the testing, launch and landing of two crafts as they travel through space in search of answers. Follow along with scientists as they attempt to make history by being the first craft to touch down safely on Mars! Get ready for an out-of-this world experience that will leave you wondering if life is indeed possible on our neighboring planet!


7. How Are We Going To Survive On Mars?

Exploring the solar system is an exciting but daunting prospect. We need air, water, food, electricity and fuel to survive in space – how are we going to get all this on Mars? In this video you’ll learn about the innovative plans for astronauts to grow their own food and extract water and fuel at their destination. Discover how we’re planning on surviving off-world so that our exploration of the universe can continue!


8. Ultimate Mars Challenge

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Join us as we explore the mysteries of Mars with NASA’s Curiosity rover! This marvel of technology is now roving across the red planet, searching for signs of life and unlocking some of our biggest questions. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how they managed to land this robot on Mars using a daring “sky crane” maneuver. Be part of this bold mission that could usher in a new golden age of exploration – only on NOVA!


9. Why These Rocks on Mars Shocked Perseverance Scientists the Most

The Perseverance Rover sent back some incredible images of Mars, and among them were a few rocks that truly shocked the scientists. In this video, we explore why these particular rocks had such an impact on the mission. We look at their unique composition and how they could be evidence of past life on our neighboring planet. By looking more closely at these remarkable Martian specimens, we can gain insight into what makes Mars so mysterious and captivating!


10. Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Animation

Get ready to join NASA on an incredible mission! This 11-minute animation showcases the Mars Science Laboratory mission, which will launch in late 2011 and land a rover, Curiosity, on Mars in August 2012. See the exciting journey that awaits and watch as Curiosity performs its exploration of the red planet. We also have a shortened version of this animation with narration available for those who want to get up to speed quickly – find it now on our youtube page!


11. Dwellings of Mars

Have you ever wondered what the dwellings of Mars look like? On October 18, 2022, you can learn all about it! In this documentary, we will explore the history and origin of water on Mars while learning about the most studied planet in our solar system. Discover how its dryness, cold temperatures and irradiated atmosphere make it inhospitable for life. Don’t miss out: mark your calendar for October 18th to watch “Dwellings of Mars”!


12. Departure to Mars – Conquest of a Planet

On August the 2nd, 2048, a space craft made its historic journey to Mars. It was an incredible milestone for mankind – one giant leap towards discovering new worlds and potential new life forms. For decades we had been studying our neighbouring planet from afar; sending probes to capture images of its mysterious terrain and learning all that we could about this desolate wasteland. But now, with this mission, human beings were finally able to set foot on the Red Planet and explore it firsthand! Join us as we take you through this exciting journey of discovery – Departure to Mars: Conquest of a Planet!


13. Everything Discovered On Mars So Far

Are you curious about what Nasa’s Perseverance rover has discovered on Mars so far? From an unexpected harbor seal to the Wright Brothers’ airplane, this video dives deep into all of the fascinating discoveries made by the rover. Plus, learn more about why rigorous personal hygiene is important in space exploration! Don’t miss out – watch now and explore a whole new world!

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