The 10 Best Documentaries About The Solar System

Nov 26, 2023 | Aliens/UFO, Best Of, Science

A word of ancient Arabic origin – an expression of awe and wonder at the beauty and complexity of the solar system. Our modern understanding of it is still so incomplete, yet inspires us all to learn more in our quest for knowledge. This article will explore some of the best documentaries about our solar system that will fire your imagination and take you on a journey through the stars. From the furthest reaches of our universe to the closest planets to us – get ready for an adventure! It’s time to explore the mysteries of our solar system and discover its secrets, untold tales, and stunning visuals. So grab a seat and join us as we look at some of the best documentaries about our solar system that will captivate.


1. Journey through our Mysterious Solar System

Embark on a remarkable journey to discover the secrets of our solar system. Step into the unknown with an incredible space documentary that takes you beyond the boundaries of what we know about our mysterious universe. Learn about its planets, moons, asteroids, and other celestial wonders as you explore them in stunning detail. With breathtaking visuals and expert commentary from some of the most knowledgeable scientists in the world, this film is one of a kind.


2. Eight Wonders Of Our Solar System

Discover the remarkable events that have shaped our solar system. From the dramatic revelations of new worlds to powerful outbursts that altered existing ones, these moments are essential viewing for any space enthusiast. Step onto the surface of each dynamic world and experience a journey through time as we revel in their pasts and examine their futures. It takes us on an unforgettable quest through the vibrant solar system we call home. Experience the moments of awe, drama and captivating beauty that have made it what it is today. Come join us in uncovering its many secrets!


3. Journey Through The Universe

Embark on a breathtaking journey through the universe with HD Documentary! Follow our intrepid space explorers as they explore the mysterious depths of outer-space. The awe-inspiring visuals and captivating narration will guide you through an unforgettable journey. From distant planets to galaxies far beyond, discover stunning mysteries of the cosmos. Uncover hidden facts about the planets of our solar system and marvel at amazing sights both near and far. HD Documentary, you’ll get a close look at the fascinating wonders of space! From dazzling nebulae to bizarre comets, come explore these never-before-seen phenomena with us. Get lost in majestic star clusters and discover the secrets that lie within.


4. Bizarre Journey to the Outer Solar System

Buckle up and join us on an incredible voyage to the outer reaches of our solar system. The documentary boxset  takes you beyond the planets we know, and into unexplored realms of otherworldly moons, asteroids, comets and more!


5. Enigmas of the Solar System

The Solar System is a vast and mysterious place, filled with captivating wonders. It’s home to some of the most awe-inspiring objects in our universe – the Sun, the planets, dwarf planets and moons, asteroids and comets. The sheer scale of this system alone can make us feel incredibly small yet humbled by its majesty.


6. Incredible Facts About The Planets In Our Solar System

The Solar System is truly an amazing and fascinating place for us to explore. From the giant gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, to the tiny icy dwarf planets Pluto and Eris, each planet holds something special that has captivated people since ancient times. From hot volcanoes on Io to mysterious rings around Saturn, these heavenly bodies have inspired generations of stargazers and scientific minds. Come join us on a journey to these amazing planets, and discover why they are so special. Whether we look at the incredible beauty of Saturn’s rings or marvel at the sheer size of Jupiter, there is something for everyone in this grand system of ours.


7. Solar System Journey

In this documentary, you’ll embark on a marvellous voyage across the depths of space – taking in the awe-inspiring sights of our Solar System. From the remarkable rings of Saturn to the majestic mountains of Mars, you’ll be awed by the grandeur and beauty of outer space. Along your tour, you’ll learn about the planets’ stories, their history, and why they’ve captivated the imaginations of mankind since time immemorial. Join us as we explore the wonders of our big, beautiful Solar System!


8. Our Home, the Solar System

This is a documentary that delves into the wonders of our Solar System, investigating the possibility that we humans may be nothing more than a cosmic coincidence. This episode explores why our planets are so unique and offers insight into how Jupiter and Saturn have shaped the evolution of our star system. With interviews from renowned astronomers, it looks at the process by which gas planets form and how this affects the future of a star system.


9. Everything We Know About The Planets In Our Solar System


10. The origin of the Solar System

The sun is the centerpiece of our solar system, a gigantic ball of energy that casts its life-giving light and warmth across the planets. It’s mammoth size is 109 times that of Earth, in which one million Earths could fit within it. The mass of the sun constitutes 99.8% of the total mass in our entire solar system. Its powerful gravity holds all the components of the solar system together. Without it, we would have no life on Earth. Even from afar, we can still observe its incredible beauty and power as it radiates an impressive light show across cosmic space. The sun is truly a marvel in its own right and provides a unique insight into the secrets of our universe.


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