The 12 Best Documentaries About The Oceans

Sep 11, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Environmental, Nature

Are you curious about the beauty and power of the world’s oceans? And want to learn more without having to jump in a boat and take a deep dive? Then perhaps one of these top documentaries about our vast oceans is the perfect answer. From capturing stunning footage of whales and dolphins, to exploring the depths for undiscovered species, these films bring us closer to the aquatic world than ever before. Get ready for a fascinating journey into an underwater world of mystery and wonder, as we take a look at the best documentaries about the oceans!


1. Coastal Seas

Be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet’s oceans. Dive deep into the mysterious depths and discover fascinating creatures that inhabit them. Witness firsthand how climate change is affecting their lives, from sea level rise to coral bleaching. Be captivated by stunning visuals as you explore the intricate and breathtaking ecosystems of the world’s oceasn.


2. High Seas

The ocean is an endlessly captivating subject, and it’s no wonder that filmmakers have sought to capture its depths in documentary form. High Seas showcases the mysterious and majestic world beneath the waves, giving audiences a glimpse of life on the open water. From deep sea creatures to coral reefs, viewers can explore some of nature’s most stunning underwater vistas.


3. ONE HOUR Of Amazing Ocean

From crashing waves to the mysteries of what lies beneath, ocean documentaries offer an incredible insight into some of nature’s most fascinating creatures. From exploring hidden depths with dolphins and seals, to uncovering secrets of sea lions and sharks, these captivating films reveal the natural wonders of the oceans.


4. How humans are exploiting the oceans

The ocean floor is rich with raw materials, such as manganese, nickel, cobalt, and copper. With the world’s ever-growing demand for these materials, humans are pondering industrial exploitation of the deep sea. To research the potential effects on this fragile underwater environment, a deep-sea expedition in the Pacific was embarked upon.



Dive into our extraordinary documentary, where we uncover the secrets and mysteries of the ocean. Get ready to explore the breathtaking coral reefs, encounter mysterious depths, and meet majestic wildlife in their natural habitat. In this 8K free documentary you’ll get to experience real nature sounds and calming music to make your 8K TV or 8K Wallpaper come alive.


6. Drain the Oceans

The Pacific Ocean has been the source of some of Earth’s most destructive forces. Draining The Pacific takes a deep dive to uncover a catastrophic threat that could be lurking off America’s coast. From earthquakes and tsunamis to hurricanes and floods, this documentary examines the devastating impact these natural disasters can have on human and wildlife life, as well as how they shaped the landscape of our planet. From interviews with scientists to first-hand accounts from survivors, this documentary offers a unique insight into these powerful forces and the danger they pose. Join us as we explore some of Earth’s most destructive phenomena in Draining The Pacific.


7. Inside the Red Sea Mission

Using the OceanXplorer, a state-of-the-art exploration and research vessel, some of the world’s most experienced marine scientists have sailed to the Red Sea. Together, they are on a mission to uncover solutions for our growing climate crisis. Their journey takes them deep beneath the surface – up to 10,000 feet – into a pristine underwater ecosystem.


8. Wild Baltic Sea

Navigate the mysterious depths of the Bay of Bothnia, where an abundance of wildlife awaits. From flying squirrels to millions of fish, this untouched region between Finland and Sweden is home to a unique selection of animals. Its remote location holds many secrets – some still remain undiscovered by humans.


9. Ocean Stories

Are you familiar with the story of the Sperm Whale? It is said to be one of the largest carnivores on Earth, living in the depths of the Mediterranean. Its presence brings a sense of mystery and awe to those who come across it. But what about the Monk Seals?


10. Deep Ocean

Descend down a 1,000 meter cliff alongside vibrant coral reefs off of New Guinea Island and come face-to-face with some of nature’s most incredible living fossils. On this journey, the team utilizes a spherical transparent submarine that is capable of capturing first-of-their-kind moving images of giant squid in their natural habitat – a truly remarkable experience!


11. Oceans

Discover the majestic beauty of our oceans and the extraordinary creatures that inhabit them. Experience their struggles to survive in an ever-changing and challenging environment. Witness their fascinating adaptations, as they do everything they can to thrive under extreme conditions. From the depths of the abyssal plain to the warm shallows of tropical seas, explore the wonders of our planet’s oceans .


12. Pearls of the Planet

Dive deep into the ocean and discover the wonders of nature! From majestic creatures like orcas, humpback whales, and dolphins to captivating coral reefs and vibrant sea jellies, there is an array of beauty beneath the waves. Find yourself in awe of these majestic creatures as they move gracefully through their underwater habitats.

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