The 12 Best Documentaries About Seals

Jan 11, 2024 | Animals, Best Of

We all know that seals are some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. From their playful antics, to their intelligence and majestic beauty, they’re sure to delight any nature lover! But did you know that there are some amazing documentaries out there dedicated solely to these aquatic animals? Here’s a list of some of the best films about seals which will have you captivated.


1. Fur Seals, the Dark Side

The Best Documentaries About Seals is an incredible film that presents us with an extraordinary life story, full of adventure, danger and unexpected surprises. It’s one of those films that will leave you amazed by the capabilities of these amazing animals and their strength to survive in the icy cold ocean. It is a great opportunity to learn more about these mammals and why they are so important for our ecosystem. So, if you want to experience something truly unique, don’t miss The Best Documentaries About Seals!


2. Playground of the Seals

Documentaries about these fascinating animals can take us into a whole new world, where seals are the main characters. We can observe their behaviour and get an understanding of what it’s like to be one of them in an environment that is both challenging and beautiful. Documentaries about seals offer a glimpse into how they live, breed and raise their young as well as how they interact with each other.


3. Leopard Seals, Lords of the Ice

In the stunning documentary “The Antarctic Sea: Secrets of the Ice,” wildlife photographer and filmmaker Erick Royer takes us on a journey to observe the ever-changing nature of Antarctica’s sea ice. Through incredible underwater footage, viewers will witness how Leopard Seals become friendly towards humans as they share their piece of the planet with us.


4. The Sea Leopard’s Deadly Hunt in the Antarctic Ocean

This giant mammal can reach up to five meters in length and weigh more than two tons! Its massive size gives it an advantage when fighting against other male competitors. It has to defend itself against sharks and orcas, but also from its own species in the fight for dominance on land, during the mating season.


5. The Harp Seal’s Race Against Time

These are the stories that make up some of the best documentaries about seals. Films like “On Thin Ice”, “The Great Seal Rescue”, and “Seal Power” give us an astounding glimpse into the lives of these creatures, allowing us to observe their behavior as they adapt to a rapidly changing environment.


6. The Hidden Seals Of Siberia

Have you ever wondered what the mysterious seals of Siberia look like? Well, The Hidden Seals of Siberia is a must-see documentary that will take you deep into the wild to uncover their world. From breathtaking visuals to intriguing stories, this film dives into the lives of these unique creatures and reveals how they manage to survive in such an extreme environment.


7. The Largest Grey Seal Gathering In The World

It’s easy to see why the grey seal has become such a popular subject for documentaries. They are both wild and gentle, fierce and endearing. From their powerful hunting skills to their interactive playtime with each other, they never fail to fascinate us. We can gain insights into how these animals live and interact, and learn more about the importance of conservation in our own lives.


8. Leopard Seals Are Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

Is there anything more mysterious and captivating than a leopard seal? These majestic creatures have been a source of fascination for centuries, and nothing can capture their beauty quite like documentary filmmaking. From up-close looks at the seals’ behavior to stories of conservation efforts, here are some of the best documentaries about leopard seals that will take you into their wild world.


9. Seal Migration Documentary

If you’re looking for a fascinating documentary to watch, look no further than “Seal Migration”. This gripping film takes viewers on an epic journey across the ocean as camera crews follow seals in their incredible migration. From the icy waters of Canada and Greenland to the sunny shores of South Africa, you’ll witness breathtaking scenery and plenty of drama as these amazing creatures brave the open waters.


10. NatGeo Wild – Fur Seals Island Oceanic Wildlife

We’ve compiled some of the best documentaries about seals that will take you through an incredible journey. From films focusing on individual seal species, to remarkable stories featuring baby fur seals, these documentaries will give you an incredible insight into the life of seals.


11. How Antarctica’s Cutest Baby Seals Grow Up

From the Ross Sea to the North Pacific, seals are beloved for their intelligence and mischievousness. But they’re also highly vulnerable to environmental changes, especially climate change. In “The Seals of Namibia”, filmmaker Benjamin Kaltenbacher follows a group of researchers as they travel through Namibian waters in search of Cape fur seals.


12. Profiles of Nature: The Hooded Seal

We are proud to present our documentary about the remarkable Hooded Seal. Although these majestic creatures may seem intimidating, they are actually quite friendly and intelligent animals.
This documentary takes us on a journey through their fascinating lives in the sea. We visit different populations of seals as they migrate between feeding grounds and breeding sites across the North Atlantic.


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