The 12 Best Documentaries About Peru

Oct 13, 2023 | Best Of, Culture

Are you fascinated by the culture and history of Peru? Documentaries about Peru offer a unique opportunity to explore this beautiful country from the comfort of your home. From ancient archaeological sites to modern day life, these documentaries capture the essence of Peru’s rich culture and history. Dive into some of the most interesting documentaries available for your viewing pleasure! We’ve handpicked some of the best documentaries about Peru, sure to captivate and educate. From award-winning filmmakers to expert historians, these documentaries have something for everyone! So sit back and get ready to explore all that Peru has to offer – you won’t be disappointed. From ancient Incan ruins to the stunning Andes mountains, Peru is a country with an incredibly rich cultural heritage. The documentary “The Lost City of the Incas” takes viewers on an incredible journey to uncover the secrets of Machu Picchu, one of the most iconic archaeological sites in Peru. Through interviews with experts and stunning aerial shots, this film will take you back to a time before no-one knew about this mysterious city.

The air is tense in the Peruvian Amazon, where a river separates two very distinct worlds. On one side lies the Mashco Piro people, an indigenous tribe living in near-total isolation for centuries. On the other side exist the outsiders, among them gold miners and drug traffickers who hope to enrich themselves at the expense of this ancient culture. Now, a team of anthropologists and other native people are working together to protect the Mashco Piro from any further intrusions. The Mashco Piro’s presence in Manú National Park – one of the most biodiverse rainforest areas on earth – was only known through photographs taken during aerial flights until around 10 years ago, when they began to emerge from their isolation.


Peru is a land of mystery, full of tales told by adventurers and explorers. It’s not hard to see why: the country has a captivating beauty that words cannot quite capture. Jaime Araoz Chacon is one who knows this best; working with indigenous communities and taking up art as an expression of his political commitment, he paints the collective memory for all to see. José del Carpio is another man of Peru, a volcanologist at the IGP who studies seismic and volcanic activity in the south. His work has led him to Arequipa, home of all active volcanoes in Peru—and he is determined to understand them better. In this country of wonders lives Ario Ferri, a mountaineer and adventurer with the wildest of dreams.


Peru is filled with breathtaking landscapes, including deep canyons that have been cut from the Andes cordillera. It’s because of these stunning views and its wealth of resources that major companies choose to set up shop here- they take advantage of the gold mines, vineyards, and abundance of fish in the waters. Yet although this country offers incredible beauty, it also has very real dangers. Those who have to travel the roads carved out of rock in order to reach their villages and access these resources put their lives at stake. The Deadliest Journeys in Peru is a journey taken by many brave individuals throughout this country. From the Cotahuasi canyon to the Paracas desert, they navigate twists and turns along the Maranon River valley.


The Incas are a lost civilization shrouded in mystery and legend. No written testimony of their culture is left behind but modern experts on Latin American civilizations have pieced together the story. Originating from the Quechua region near Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia, the Incas were part of a confederation held in check by two powerful clans, the Hanan and Hurin. It was only in the mid-14th century that the Incas formed their own state with Cuzco as its capital. Machu Picchu is an example of their engineering prowess. This ancient city perched on a rocky headland dates back to the 15th century and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983.


From lush valleys to majestic canyons, from hidden gems of the Paracas desert to teeming fish and precious metal-rich waters – Peru is a land of breathtaking beauty. But for those traversing its roads, it’s often fraught with peril. The workers who labour in the deep mines, or hang from 200 foot ropes risking their lives for meager pay, know peril all too well. Yet it’s not only the labourers who are drawn to this incredibly diverse country – major companies flock here too, enticed by its vast natural resources. The Impossible Road winds through Peru, a pathway lined with spectacular scenery but where life comes at an exorbitant cost. From the Maranon River Valley in the north to the Cotahuasi Canyon in the south, this is a country of stunning contrast and inequality.


Juan Carlos and Pedro take up the task of navigating the Andes – a mighty feat, especially considering that this range is home to some of Latin America’s most dangerous roads. Twice a week, Juan Carlos makes the long drive from the Pacific coast to Yungay, in the heart of the Andes, transporting eggs without any breakage. He has no choice but to take the Canyon del Pato, a track full of ruts and potholes, bordered by ravines. Meanwhile, Pedro makes his way up the highest passes of the Cordillera Blanca in his cement truck. The trek lasts for three days – a treacherous journey through a hostile landscape far from civilization. But it is nothing compared to the thousands of Indians who make the annual pilgrimage to the Senor of Qoylloriti each year.


The shadowy streets of Iquitos, Peru teem with secrets. This once-booming port city on the banks of the Amazon has become known for its seedy underworld and dubious backroom deals. For years, trade in illegal contraband has flourished here – from firearms to drugs – but few visitors are aware of the most shocking item on offer: meat from the Amazon jungle. In Iquitos, the activity happens at Belen Market, a sprawling riverside marketplace notorious for its dark dealings. It’s here where locals and tourists alike can purchase fresh meat from some of the most endangered species in the world – animals like sloths, monkeys, pumas and jaguars – without any legal repercussions. The market is a lawless zone, where transactions are made in the shadows and the victims of these trades never get justice.


Experience the incredible culinary adventures of Gordon Ramsay as he embarks on a journey like no other. Explore Peru with him as he discovers new flavors and ingredients, immersing himself in the culture and learning from locals to create truly unforgettable dishes. Follow Gordon through his travels as he visits iconic sites, meets with inspiring chefs, and cooks up extraordinary creations that capture the essence of Peru. Get a glimpse into the diverse and beautiful regions of this country as Gordon draws upon his personal memories alongside traditional recipes to create something truly special. From the bustling streets of Lima to the rural valleys of Cusco, join him on an adventure that you won’t soon forget!


Chef Gordon Ramsay embarks on a mesmerizing journey to Peru’s Sacred Valley. Traversing the remote and picturesque landscape, he is in search of cultural experiences and culinary inspiration that will stay with him forever. From cooking over an open fire with locals to meeting a llama herder, these are some of the best moments from this unforgettable episode! The first stop on his gastronomic adventure is with local chef, Lucia. Here Ramsay wows the crowd with his cooking skills as he whips up a traditional dish made of quinoa and potatoes – a vegetable popular in Peru’s Andean region. As he cooks over an open flame, Lucia teaches Gordon about different types of aji peppers while showcasing the incredible flavors found in Peruvian ingredients.


The Eduardo III, an aged cargo ship, is the only mode of transport on the majestic Amazon in Peru. It may be a long and congested voyage from Yurimaguas to Iquitos, but it is also one that encapsulates life in this untouched corner of South America. People sleep peacefully in hammocks as they pass through some of nature’s most pristine landscapes, while timber and other goods are merchandised in chaotic ports. The journey up the winding river is a reminder of what could soon be lost if the government pushes ahead with its plans to expand and deepen the tributaries. A Chinese company has been contracted to make space for large container ships that would enable year-round passage but, as usual, progress is meeting resistance. The Amazon’s tribes believe that the spirits of their ancestors live on in the river and are determined to protect it from irreparable damage. But should these spiritual convictions be allowed to stand in the way of economic development? What will Peru choose – spiritual preservation or prosperity? The path forward isn’t clear-cut but one thing is certain: the future of this corner of the world will be determined by what happens on the Eduardo III. What starts as a journey aboard an overcrowded steamship, could soon become part of a much larger story that affects us all. This post-modern tale speaks to us, echoing warnings from nature and our collective heritage. As a reminder of what we stand to lose in our drive for progress, the Amazon and its people are a testament to our shared cultural identity. The fight between tradition and modernity is as much ours as it is theirs and one day soon, history will be written by whichever side prevails.


The past holds many secrets. Peru is no exception – a South American nation full of fascinating history and culture, this place has taken center stage in the pages of time. From its ancient empires to its modern day people, Peru’s story is one that should be documented and shared with the world. Join us as we explore through documentaries some of the most remarkable tales from Peru’s past. From the Incan Empire to the Spanish Conquest, be prepared to be amazed by this incredible country and its people. Get ready to take a journey through time with some of the best documentaries about Peru! From archaeological exploration into Peru’s mysterious pre-Hispanic cultures such as the Chavin, Moche, Sican, and Mochica, to the unraveling of the events leading up to and during Spanish rule, Peru’s rich history can be explored through a variety of documentaries. With films focusing on topics such as traditional Andean music, ancient Incan sites and ruins, and even the effects of modern day globalization, Peru has something for everyone looking to explore its past.nAn incredibly unique culture, Peru has plenty of documentaries to choose from that touch on its various aspects. Whether you’re looking for a documentary about the daily life of Peruvian people or an analysis of the current political climate in Peru, there is something out there that can bring the country and its history alive. Step into the world of Peru and explore all it has to offer through some of the best documentaries about its rich past. Ready to get lost in Peru? Let’s take a look at some of the most captivating documentaries available on this South American nation and its fascinating history! From haunting tales of ancient Inca civilization to modern day stories of globalization, these are just a few of the incredible documentaries that capture Peru’s rich and diverse past. From Peru’s Incan Empire to the Spanish Conquest, be prepared to be amazed by this incredible country and its people. Let these documentaries transport you to a world of ancient civilizations, vibrant culture, and captivating stories of Peruvian life!


With its perilous Andes mountains and winding roads, Peru is a land of opposites. From the north to the south, Juan Carlos travels through the Cañón del Pato, carrying eggs as Pedro braves the snow-capped Cordillera Blanca. Amidst their journey, indigenous people gather in search of divine protection at the annual Lord of Quoylloriti procession. Here, masked men with whips impose a strict set of rules as the cold and fatigue take their toll on all who march. This is Peru; a timeless destination that will continue to challenge its inhabitants for generations to come. The roads may be dangerous, but they are filled with stories that make them worth traveling. These stories span from the heights of the Andes, to the depths of the Cañón del Pato and beyond.



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