The 12 Best Documentaries About Iran

Jul 25, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

In recent years, Iran has become a highly discussed topic in the news. With increasing sanctions and nuclear debates, the country is gaining global attention. But despite all of this media coverage, very few people know about the unique culture and lifestyle that exists in Iran. To help shed some light on what life is like there, here’s a list of 12 documentaries about Iran that will give you an insider look at what it’s really like living in this beautiful country – from exploring its rich heritage to discussing Islam’s role in modern-day Iranian society.


1. Divorce in Iran

This documentary provides an eye-opening look into the lives of Iranian women and their struggles against a biased legal system. Follow Jamileh, Ziba and Maryam as they courageously battle for justice in the divorce court. Witness their strength, resourcefulness and wit as they attempt to gain custody of their children or simply be free from oppressive marriages. Get a unique view on Iran’s culture, laws, and social issues through this captivating film.


2. The Fire Temples Of Iran & Thousand-Year-Old Flames

Are you curious about what lies behind the veil of Iran? Join me on an incredible journey through modern-day Iran, and experience a place that has been at the center of world events for millennia. From Tehran to the Valley Of The Assassins, discover ancient cities unchanged since Marco Polo first entered them centuries ago. Along the way, I’ll also uncover one of Earths least known religious sects … fire worshippers of Yazd! Get ready to explore this misunderstood country with its hospitable and welcoming people, despite their great difficulties (ease?).


3. Iran: Under sanctions

This documentary takes a deep dive into the lives of Iranian people living both inside and outside Tehran. We explore how US sanctions have had an impact on their country, as well as other issues like corruption and lack of freedoms. Join us on this journey to discover what life is really like for Iranians in these trying times.


4. Iran The Shah and the Ayatollah

Ayatollah Khomeini’s overthrow of the Shah in Iran was a dramatic shift in global politics, starting with revolutionary ideals and ending with bloody turmoil. This documentary looks into this 2,500-year-old monarchy and how it transformed under Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s leadership. Learn about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism that followed and discover what lessons can be learned from this historic event.


5. Decadence and Downfall In Iran

The Shah of Iran threw the greatest party in history to celebrate 2,500 years of Persian monarchy. With Maxim’s restaurant closing its doors for two weeks to cater the event and a lavish tent city erected using 37km of silk, this was an extravagant affair that welcomed kings, queens and presidents from around the world. This five-day celebration included a pageant with thousands of soldiers dressed in ancient Persian costume, a ‘son et lumiere’ at Darius the Great’s temple and more! But it also marked a break between the king of kings and his people – one that led to opposition under Ayatollah Khomeini. Learn all about this momentous event with our documentary exploring how such luxury created lasting change in Iran.


6. Christianity is Booming in Iran

Ever wanted to learn more about the Islamic Republic of Iran? How it came to be and why religion and politics have been so intertwined for the last 40 years? This documentary dives into the history behind one of only three Islamic Republics in the world. Learn how Islam is not a choice, but rather something people are forcibly born into, and how this has shaped a nation that sees no separation between church and state.


7. Inside the Persecuted Church of Iran

In this episode of Neighborhoods and Nations, Steven Morales explores what it’s like to be a Christian in Iran. He interviews Nima Alizadeh, an Iranian Christian who shares his experiences of persecution in Tehran. We hear about the underground church that operates secretly while facing heavy religious oppression from the government. Get an inside look into how faith is practiced under oppressive circumstances and learn more about Christianity in Iran.


8. Traveling Iran by train

Take a journey through Iran, the Middle Eastern nation whose doors are now open to foreigners. Hop on board the Trans-Iranian Railway and explore this breathtaking country – from its oil fields to its historic hydraulic system, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. See Zagros Mountains and refuel with sohan, a pastry made of wheat germ, flour and sugar. Enjoy high-speed travel as you make your way up to Teheran – home to more than 15 million people – before heading north for an unforgettable experience!


9. Iran: History, Geography, Economy & Culture

This is the story of Iran, a country with a long and fascinating history. From its beginnings as an ancient empire to its present day struggles, this video explores Iran’s diverse geography, complex economy, rich culture and turbulent past. Discover the legacy of Persian Poetry and how it has influenced other languages around the world. Learn about the Great Game between Russia and Britain in 19th Century Persia. And find out why Iranian carpets are regarded as some of the finest in existence! Take a journey through time to learn more about this historic nation – from invasions by Alexander The Great tothe 1979 Islamic Revolution that changed everything forever – all while discovering what makes Iran so special today.


10. Living conditions of the nomads of Iran

This documentary takes you on a journey to explore the lives of nomads in Iran. Discover the unique customs and traditions they have adopted over centuries, while getting an insight into their lifestyle as they travel across the country’s vast landscape. We will also learn about how these people are adapting to modernity and what challenges they face as well as how this impacts their day-to-day living conditions. Join us for this enlightening exploration of one of world’s oldest cultures!


11. Tehran Is a Great City

Are you curious to know what the nightlife of Tehran is like? See for yourself with this incredible video! Get an inside look at luxury Iranian girls and boys as they experience the city after dark. From bars to restaurants, explore the unique culture of Tehran through their eyes.Discover the unique nightlife of Tehran in this amazing video! Get a glimpse inside luxury Iranian girls and boys as they explore the city after dark. From bars to restaurants, you can experience the culture through their eyes. Plus, get an insight into juicing – one of the best documentaries about it! See for yourself why Tehran is such a great city.


12. Risk for life. Iranian nomadic family

Take a journey with an Iranian family as they travel the difficult terrain to reach their destination. This documentary follows a nomadic family with three young children on their quest for a better life. Along the way, learn about the culture and beauty of Iran through this unique perspective. Watch and be inspired by this incredible story of strength and perseverance!

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