The 12 Best Documentaries about Bees

Jul 14, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Nature

Bees are a species of insect with an incredible ability to pollinate and produce honey. They come from the superfamily Apoidea, and form the clade Anthophila. With their presence on every continent except Antarctica, bees have become one of nature’s most important forces in helping us cultivate our planet’s flowering plants. It is this remarkable power that has made them so beloved by many, but it is also their story – full of fascinating facts and wonders – that makes them truly remarkable creatures worthy of exploration. In this article we will explore all there is to know about these amazing insects, from their incredible ability to make honey to how they help us cultivate plants around the world!


1. Honeyland

Discover the amazing world of bees with Honeyland – a stunning documentary from Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov. Follow Hatidze, an experienced beekeeper, as she navigates her way through the majestic Macedonian landscape in search of golden honeycomb that is hidden within the mountainside. Watch in awe as Hatidze handles the honeycomb with bare hands and not a second’s hesitation while her humane and ecological methods remain rooted in traditions that are ancient yet strong. Get mesmerized by her mantra of “Take half, leave half” which will make you believe it to be magic! Explore this fascinating journey into nature’s secrets today!


2. Ode to the Beekeepers

This documentary follows the journey of Sandy Gordon, a beekeeper with fifty-two years of experience and knowledge. He shares his passion for bees and beekeeping, while Sarah and Martin Leahy reveal their queen-breeding abilities with native bees in Apideas. David Morland explains how the power of beekeeping on this place arose due to an ancient partnership between the Association and scientists at Northern College of Agriculture at Craibstone. The film also features stunning drone footage of Tarland village as well as insights from Sandy’s family about his grandfather who was a scientist at Rothamsted research station. Get ready to learn more about the craftsmanship behind beekeeping in Ode to the Beekeepers!



3. Keep the Hives Alive

Are you aware of the alarming rate at which bees and other pollinators are declining? In 2016, a group of beekeepers, farmers, environmental activists and concerned citizens came together to arrange the ‘Keep The Hives Alive Tour’ – an event dedicated to raising awareness about this problem. This video is part of their mission to educate people on what’s happening with pollinators and how toxic insecticides contribute to their decline. Don’t miss this documentary that offers insights into what we can do about it!


4. Tales from the Hive

Do you want to know more about the fascinating world of bees and how they make honey? Watch this documentary and learn all about it! From the process of collecting nectar, to flying miles in search for pollen, to producing up to two pounds of honey a day – explore the amazing journey of bees as they work hard to create our favorite sweet treat. Discover tales from the hive and get an insight into the lives of these incredible creatures.


5. Who Killed the Honeybees?

The disappearance of honeybees is a cause for concern, not just because they pollinate one-third of the fruits and vegetables we eat, but also due to it being indicative of bigger issues. In this documentary film, experts delve into what might be causing the mass exodus of bees from their colonies and how it impacts us all. Join us as we uncover the truth behind who killed the honeybees – you may be surprised by what we find!


6. Honeybee

Honeybees are amazing creatures that have been providing humans with honey and beeswax for centuries. But there is a lot more to these social and cooperative insects than meets the eye! In this video, we explore the three types of inhabitants in a hive: workers, queens, and drones. We also discuss how workers create new queens by feeding them royal jelly and how queen’s produce chemicals to guide the behavior of other bees. Finally, we look at why drones are expelled from hives during winter months when they go into survival mode. Tune in to learn all about honeybee life!


7. The Secret Success Behind Honey Bees

Be amazed by the incredible secret success of honey bees! Learn more about these fascinating creatures as they drift from flower to flower, pollinating their way around. Discover their impressive intelligence and hidden talents that we never knew – like being able to see colors and detect smells that humans can’t. Uncover the mysteries behind nature’s little helpers in this captivating documentary!


8. Bee Army: How They Protect The Queen Bee

Are you curious to learn about the fascinating world of honey bees? From Western honey bees that have been domesticated for honey production and crop pollination, to stingless honey bees that also produce and store honey – this video will explore how these incredible creatures help protect their queen bee. Discover what makes them so unique, as well as the melittology behind understanding these species in detail. Dive into the mysterious realm of bee army protection and all it entails!


9. Toxic chemicals – A menace to bees and farmland

Modern agriculture is designed to produce high yields, but the abundant use of chemicals and pesticides has had a devastating effect on our environment. In this video, we uncover the truth behind toxic chemicals that are killing bees and taking away precious farmland resources. We explore how over-fertilization and pesticides are contaminating soils, driving species to extinction and poisoning our world.


10. Hunting Nepal’s Mad Honey That Makes You Hallucinate

In the remote Himalayas of Nepal, an ancient tribe has been harvesting a special honey for centuries. The Honey Hunters of Nepal have a 260 year-old tradition of scaling mountains to find this rare and powerful substance – one that can make people hallucinate. Join us as we travel deep into the country in search for these brave men and their remarkable story. Witness their daring feats while gathering this mad honey, and explore its mysterious effects on those who consume it!


11. Attack Of The Africanized Killer Bee

The Africanized honey bee is a hybrid of the Western honey bee species, and was first introduced to Brazil in the 1950s. Since its escape from quarantine in 1957, this species has spread throughout South and Central America, arriving in North America by 1985. It can react ten times faster than European honey bees and chase after humans for up to a quarter mile; it has killed over 1,000 people with victims receiving more stings than from European honey bees. This video will explore the many adaptations of Apis mellifera subspecies that include brood cycles synchronized with local flora bloom periods, forming winter clusters in colder climates, migratory swarming in Africa or enhanced foraging behavior in desert areas. Watch now to learn how these unique traits have shaped our understanding of Africanized killer bees!


12. BEES ARE DYING : Organic Protection Instead of Field Poison

Bees are dying and the pharmaceutical industry is to blame. Neonicotinoids, a type of pesticide used in cornfields, have been linked to mass bee deaths. But the powerful lobby has convinced many people that this isn’t true. In France, independent studies proved otherwise and neonicotinoids were banned for the protection of bees and beekeepers. However, it’s not just about saving our buzzing friends – we’re also at risk of destroying all of nature if we don’t make changes now!

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