The 12 Best Documentaries About Bears

Jul 14, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

The fascinating and majestic bears of the Ursidae family are widely spread around the world, from Asia to Europe and South America to North America. These mammals have a remarkable sense of smell, short nails, and nonretractable claws that make them unique among other species. Six bear species, including the giant panda and polar bear, are included in the IUCN Red List as vulnerable or threatened due to their maximum lifespan of 25 years in the wild or 50 years in captivity. To gain more insight into these amazing creatures we have listed some documentaries about bears below that will provide an interesting look into their lives.


1. The Wild Brown Bears

Discover the fascinating lives of brown bears in this documentary! From their habitats in Asia, Europe and North America, to the cruel hunting practices that threaten their existence; learn about these creatures and how we can help protect them. See wild footage of bear families living day-to-day in diverse forests across the continent before they were reduced to a fraction of their former range due to habitat destruction and fragmentation. Also explore how human encroachment has resulted in limited food sources for these animals whose diet is mostly made up of plant material. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain insight into the lives of wild brown bears – an endangered species!


2. Scarface: The World’s Most Famous Grizzly Bear

Scarface, the most famous grizzly bear in the world, has a story to tell. From his home deep within Yellowstone National Park, he shares tales of life as a wild and powerful beast. Follow Scarface’s journey as he navigates through one of nature’s most beautiful places with its own unique set of challenges. Discover why this majestic creature is so beloved by millions around the globe and take an intimate look at what it means to be a grizzly bear living in today’s world.


3. Black Bear Family’s Epic Fight For Survival

What would it be like to follow a family of black bears in their natural habitat? This documentary takes you on an epic journey with two cuddly cubs and one brave mother bear as they fight for survival in the breathtaking yet challenging environment of Forillon National Park. Follow along as we explore the complex ecology of this region and learn how these majestic animals live! Watch this incredible documentary now and discover why black bears are not considered endangered anywhere except Russia.


4. Grizzly River

The grizzly bear is one of North America’s most iconic species, standing 7-10 feet tall and weighing up to 700 pounds with its distinct brown or black fur coat and silver-tipped hairs. We learn about their diet – from berries, larvae and eggs to small mammals like insects – as well as how they use their long claws for digging up roots and spawning salmon during the fall and winter months. We also explore the role of alpha males in bear society; get insight into why these creatures have adapted so well to life near streams, rivers or lakes; plus gain valuable information about their habitat that can help us better understand them. So come along on this captivating adventure with Grizzly River – National Geographic Bear Documentary!


5. Majestic Bears of Alaska & British Columbia

This documentary takes you on a fascinating journey to explore majestic bears in Alaska and British Columbia. Every end of July, brown bears arrive at the Katmai National Parks’ glacial regions to fish for salmon. In the surrounding forests, grizzly bears search for fresh twigs and berries. Then we move onto Prince Royal Island in British Columbia where black bears come with their young to fish for salmon while mothers stay active protecting them. Experience the beauty of these magnificent creatures up close!


6. Grizzly Battleground

Alaska is a place of extreme temperatures and darkness in the wintertime. In this documentary we explore the Grizzly Battleground, an area that sees some of the most intense conditions on earth. Follow us as we experience life among these powerful creatures in their natural habitat and learn about how they survive such harsh climates.


7. The Return of the Bears

The return of the brown bear to Europe is a thrilling and controversial rewilding program. This remarkable success story shows we can accept predators that were once hunted to extinction in large parts of the continent. But coexisting with these majestic creatures comes at a price, one which Europe may not be willing to pay. Watch this documentary and discover if the return of the bear is worth it!


8. The Land of Giant Bears

Welcome to the land of giant bears in the far north-west of America. This region is dominated by frozen tundra, coniferous forests and mountains, some of which have never been explored by humans. Every year thousands of salmon return to their birth rivers and provide a source of food for local wildlife like grizzly bears. Follow them on their journey as they face seagulls, eagles, otters and even other grizzlies! See how only the fittest make it through this demanding test with no eating until they reach their final destination – where they can lay eggs before dying off themselves. Witness firsthand how predators play an important role in controlling population numbers and ensuring survival in this beautiful yet hostile environment.


9. Three young bears find their way in the world

Are you ready to follow three young bears on their journey as they learn how to survive in the world? We’ll explore the lives of polar, brown and sloth bears as we observe their mothers teaching them essential skills. Join us for moments of great tenderness, life-threatening drama and a heartwarming story about perseverance over three years. Watch these fascinating creatures find their way in the world!


10 .Tracking A Dangerous Grizzly Bear

Join Austin Stevens, wildlife photographer and documentarian, as he travels to Canada on an exciting assignment! He is searching for Grizzly Bears with the hope of capturing a stunning photo. Follow his journey and watch as he investigates the wilds of Canada in search of this incredible animal. Will Austin find what he’s looking for? Tune in to find out!


11. Kingdom of the Polar Bears

Dennis is on an incredible journey to Manitoba, Canada in search of a polar bear den. He hopes to capture the first moments of a cub’s life in their natural habitat and bring it to the world. Follow Dennis as he navigates through the wilderness and experiences this majestic kingdom of polar bears!

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