The 12 Best Documentaries About Religions

Sep 27, 2023 | Best Of, Religion

Do you want to explore the depths of religious faith? Then check out these must-see documentaries on religion. From ancient faiths to modern spirituality, these movies offer an in-depth look at some of the world’s major religions. From exploring Buddhist teachings and Christian dogma to discovering Hindu rituals and Islamic customs, these films help us gain a better understanding of our beliefs and faith. Whether you’re a devout believer or simply curious, these thought-provoking documentaries are sure to open your eyes to the fascinating world of religion. So get ready for an enlightening journey into the heart of religious belief and tradition!


1. Church History: Complete Documentary AD 33 to Present

The church has been around for 2000 years, since the ascension of Jesus Christ. Throughout its history it has seen moments of great growth and success, as well as moments of significant decline and difficulty.


2. Islam Unveiled (Religion Documentary)

Delve into the depths of Islamic culture with this stunning documentary series! Witness a journey of discovery as we uncover extraordinary truths about women’s lives in today’s Muslim world, and uncover long-forgotten beliefs and practices that often seem strange to Westerners. Follow our intrepid explorers on an unforgettable road trip across four continents and fourteen centuries. Brace yourself for an enlightening exploration that will challenge your preconceptions and open your eyes to a world of possibilities. Islam Unveiled is an essential documentary series for anyone seeking to understand the religion on its own terms. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening adventure!


3. God Bless America: Welcome to the Land of Limitless Religion | Documentary

Americans of all backgrounds have a special relationship with religion. While the United States is officially secular, it’s impossible to ignore the role that faith plays in shaping American society and culture. From political discourse to everyday lives, religion continues to influence both public and private life in ways that can be seen, heard and felt throughout the nation. From Christianity to Islam, from Judaism to Hinduism, this nation is a melting pot of diverse beliefs and practices. The Best Documentaries About Religion explore different religions from around the world, offering insight into their history, culture, rituals, and impact on our lives.


4. A Road Trip Across India In Search Of Its Different Religions (Travel Documentary)

Take an unexpected journey with us across India, exploring the spiritual path. Join a community of 50 people between the ages of 19 and 90 to discover mysticism, religion, and spirituality through breathtaking sights. From awe-inspiring monuments like Ellora and Ajanta associated with Buddhism to Hinduism’s sacred Kailash Temple and Jain temple Dilwara in Rajasthan, the group’s pilgrimage will open your eyes to a chaos of faith.


5. History of Religion

Religion has always been an integral part of human culture. From the earliest known civilizations to present day, religion has been a key factor in how humanity functions and interacts with one another. The History of Religion on Earth series aims to unravel the mysteries of this ancient phenomenon by exploring its origins, features, and influences throughout history. Our documentary will look at primitive rituals from various parts of the world, examine institutional timelines, and investigate corruptions that have taken place within those same timelines. We will analyze both current academic consensus as well as provide thought-provoking hypotheses that challenge mainstream theories.


6. The OLDEST Religion in the WORLD is INSANE

Discover the LONGEST-LIVING religion in existence and its INSANELY unique history. From ancient traditions to present-day practices, explore a fascinating faith that has endured for thousands of years. Through exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage, gain insight into the beliefs of this spiritual community. Delve deep into their culture and witness powerful rituals being performed in some of the oldest sacred places on the planet. Get an exclusive look into a faith that has spanned centuries and join us in exploring one of the most incredible stories ever told.


7. The Mysteries Of The Ancient World’s Lost Religions | Lost Gods

Explore The Ancient Religions Of Old | Lost Gods of Antiquity Journey back in time to uncover the lost secrets of ancient civilizations. Unravel the mysteries of their gods, temples and rituals. Discover the beliefs that shaped cultures around the world thousands of years ago. From Egypt to Greece, explore these forgotten religions and discover what made them so powerful in the eyes of their followers. Learn about the rituals, symbols and beliefs that made these ancient religions so influential in world history. Relive the story of lost gods and forgotten empires. Unlock the secrets of antiquity and gain insight into how they shaped our world today.


8. Arabia Before Islam: Religion, Society, Culture DOCUMENTARY

Arabia Before Islam is a captivating documentary series that takes us back to the time before the rise of Islam. Discover a land that was full of diversity with its own unique religions, societies, cultures and economic life. This historic journey sheds light on an unfamiliar history and provides insight into what must have been an incredibly rich culture. Journey through time to explore this ancient civilization and gain a new appreciation for the power of its legacy. Discover how religion, society, culture and economics shaped life in this region before Islam took over.


9. Pre-Historic African Religions are MIND BLOWING

Pre-historic African religions are truly remarkable. With their rich culture and ancient practices, they offer us a glimpse into how humans used to live and worship thousands of years ago. From the powerful ceremonies held in the depths of jungles, to the mysterious rituals that were meant to bring harmony between this world and the next, these faiths provide insight into our shared history as well as our individual faith journeys today. By studying these ancient beliefs, we can gain a better understanding of how humans interacted with their environment and the power of belief systems. Join us on this exploration to discover just how mind-blowing African religions are!


10. The Oldest Religion in the World: The Origin of Belief

Travel back in time and explore the origins of religion. Uncover when beliefs began to form and how they eventually developed into grand temples and gods that are worshiped throughout the world today. This documentary will dive deep into history, seeking to uncover the truth behind our oldest religion. Discover what people used to believe in before any of our modern religions and learn why these ancient beliefs still resonate today. Journey back through the ages and explore the truth behind our oldest religion – The Origin of Belief.


11. How Did Jerusalem Become A Holy City To Three Different Religions? | For God’s Sake

Frederic Raphael, author of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, set out on a mission to answer the ancient and unending questions about faith, dogma, and how religion shapes the modern world. His four-part pilgrimage took him from Jerusalem – the holy city for three disparate religions – all the way to Asia, Spain, and finally America. On his journey, Raphael explored the depths of Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism and Puritanism to uncover the vast complexity of religion. He began with a visit to Jerusalem – the epicenter for three religions and home to some of the holiest sites in history.



Explore the Origins of Religion in This Astonishing 4K Documentary Take a journey back through time and explore the oldest religions on Earth. From ancient texts to archaeological finds, this 4K documentary sheds light on the mysterious origins of belief systems across history. Learn about the different ways in which people have worshipped around the world—from Ancient Egypt to primitive and now extinct societies. Discover how these religions shaped the lives of millions and continue to influence our culture today.


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