The Best Documentaries About Love and Relationships

Sep 2, 2023 | Best Of, Love

Love is a complex emotion, and it can take many forms – even in the world of documentary filmmaking. From heartbreaking tales of unrequited love to inspiring stories of real-life couples, there are countless documentaries about love and relationships that capture the human experience in all its complicated glory. Here are some of the best films that explore this evergreen theme from a range of perspectives. Whether you’re looking for the perfect date night movie or just something to contemplate over a cup of tea, these documentaries are sure to provide an insightful and emotional journey. So grab your popcorn – it’s time to start the show!


Love Me (2015)

Love Me delves into the complex and often misunderstood world of international dating through the lens of Western men and Ukrainian women. With a mix of curiosity, hope, and at times skepticism, individuals from two vastly different cultures come together in pursuit of finding love.






Higher Love (2020)

A father, working hard to make ends meet, struggles to save his girlfriend from the harsh realities of drug addiction in Camden, New Jersey. As their child’s birth approaches, a new chapter unfolds for this family as they navigate through the challenges of raising a baby while staying sober. Will their love be strong enough to overcome the obstacles that threaten to tear them apart?






Theory of Love (2013)

Love is an enigma that has puzzled humanity for centuries. It is a concept that we all know and yet struggle to define. Countless words have been attributed to it, but none seem to capture its essence completely. While a dictionary may attempt to sum it up in just a few lines, love goes beyond mere words and cannot be fully described or contained within them.







The Best Free Documentaries About Love And Relationships


1. Dating, Love, & Relationship Advice

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2. Learning To Love

This documentary is all about love. Marco Sander, the psychologist, takes you deep into relationships to help understand what it really means and how to make them work better. He offers practical advice on understanding the mechanisms of love, and provides insight into marriage that will benefit anyone looking to build a lasting connection with another person. From comprehending the psychology behind loving someone else.


3. Real Relationship Advice

Real-life relationships can be challenging and complex, but thankfully there are some great movies that offer valuable advice on how to make them work. From the romantic classics to the modern-day comedies, these films provide a wealth of knowledge about navigating love and relationships.


4. Truth About Prince William & Princess Diana’s Relationship

The story of Prince William’s relationship with his mother, Princess Diana, is an inspiring one. Witness the impact she had on her eldest son and how he persevered in spite of the House of Windsor, public scrutiny and media criticisms. In ‘My Mother Princess Diana’, viewers get a unique glimpse into Charles and Diana’s marriage as seen through the eyes of their son, William. It highlights the influence of Diana’s various relationships, from co-authoring a book with Andrew Morton to her infamous Panorama interview, as well as William’s reaction to his father’s relationship with Camilla. Although at first glance it may seem that he is simply another royal groomed by the House of Windsor.


5. wife in love triangle

This episode of Crime Watch Daily brings us two incredible stories filled with love and tragedy. We start with the tale of trucking millionaire Bill Hall Jr., killed in a shocking road rage incident instigated by his wife, Frances. A story that’s both heartbreaking and thought-provoking, it delves deep into what can happen when relationships become strained to breaking point.



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the beautiful side of love? To understand the nuances and complexities that come along with the beauty this emotion brings? Ray Emodi has crafted a movie that dives deep into how life’s most powerful emotion shapes our journeys.



When two passionate brothers are pitted against each other in a fight for the same woman, things can only become twice as complicated. It’s a love triangle that will leave viewers at the edge of their seat trying to figure out who will come out ahead in the end. Twice The Love is an engrossing documentary about family and relationships, exploring how hardships can bring people closer together. It’s a must-see for anyone looking for a story that will challenge their expectations and leave them with a newfound appreciation for the power of love. This documentary dives deep into emotions, making it an incredibly compelling watch for those seeking to gain insight into what makes relationships work in today’s world.


8. Romantic Movies Damage Real Relationships

Romantic movies are everywhere. They can be seen on the big screen, on streaming services, or even in our living rooms. We know that love is a beautiful thing and it’s something we all strive for, but does watching these romantic films have a negative effect on real relationships?



Tolu is a highly successful young man, having earned the trust of his billionaire boss and mentor by proving himself on the job. Despite this success, Tolu’s life was far from perfect – living with his fiancée Theresa, daughter of his wealthy employer, was never an easy task. She constantly reminded him of her family’s power and wealth compared to him. Follow the journey of Tolu and Theresa, as they navigate their complex relationship and its impact on their lives, in this unique Nigerian drama that is full of lessons to be learned. Will Tolu stick with it all the way through or will he break away from his beloved? Watch and find out!


10. Happiness in Relationships and Work

Megyn Kelly has welcomed Gad Saad, author of “The Saad Truth About Happiness,” to discuss happiness and the impact of media on it. Is happiness something we’re born with or can it be achieved with effort? What part does social media play in our joy and is there a connection between extroversion and emotionality? Rob Reiner’s journey to find contentment is also discussed, in addition to the role money and relationships play.


11. Relationship Failures

What if we saw relationships in the movies through a different lens? The Bible is full of wisdom about love and relationships, but how does it apply to what we see on the big screen? Are these stories really reflections of real-life relationships, or do they simply provide us with escapism from our own mundane lives? This audio recording takes a closer look at how relationships and love are portrayed in the movies, and what the Bible has to say about them. Do these films accurately depict the reality of our lives, or are they simply entertainment? Listen on for an engaging exploration of this topic.


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