The 10 Best Documentaries About Serbia

Oct 1, 2023 | Best Of, Geography

The fascinating country of Serbia is full of rich culture, tradition, and history. From its stunning landscapes to its captivating stories, there are plenty of interesting stories that can be explored through the lens of a documentary film. In this article, we will look at some of the best documentaries about Serbia and explore what makes them standout. Read on to learn more about these compelling and informative films that will broaden your understanding of this incredible country.


1. Wild Serbia – Life Along The Danube | Full Nature Documentary

Explore the wild and diverse beauty of Serbia in this captivating documentary! From its lush green forests to its tranquil rivers, discover why this corner of the Balkan Peninsula is a must-visit destination. Uncover intriguing wildlife such as wolves, deer, and boars that make their homes throughout the country. Take a trip along the Danube River and experience the unique culture of Serbia. Hear the melodic sounds of traditional folk music and learn about the fascinating history behind stories passed down through generations. Visit remote villages untouched by modernity and discover local customs that add to the country’s vibrant character.


2. The History of Serbia – Part 1: From Tribe to Empire

Serbia has a long and fascinating history that is full of both triumphs and tragedies. It is a country located in the Balkans region with diverse cultures, languages, and religions. Over the centuries Serbia has had to fight for its survival against numerous invaders including Byzantines, Hungarians, and many others. In this engaging documentary we explore Serbia’s early & medieval history, from its first beginnings as a tribal state to an established empire. Through interviews with historians and cultural experts, we are taken on a journey that showcases Serbia’s diverse legacy and incredible resilience in the face of adversity.


3. Serbia, Russia and the war in Ukraine

Serbia’s relationship with Russia is complicated. Upholding a policy of neutrality, Serbia has resisted imposing sanctions on its neighbor and wartime ally. This stands in contrast to the majority of the international community which has been critical of Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. For many Serbs, this decision reflects their traumatic memories of NATO bombings during the Kosovo War as well as a deep mistrust of the West. Nevertheless, Putin enjoys strong support in Serbia; it is estimated that two-thirds of Serbs back his stance on Ukraine.


4. History of Serbia

Serbia has a long and rich history, spanning from the earliest days of civilization up to the modern era. Home to some of the most important archaeological finds in Europe, Serbia has been home to many civilizations over the millennia. Its ancient cities have served as influential centers of culture and learning, while its monuments serve both as reminders of its past glories and as silent testimonials to its turbulent history. From the cave dwellings of prehistoric humans to the grand monuments of its medieval and modern rulers, Serbia has been a witness to some of the most significant moments in European history.


5. Inside Serbia’s pro-Russian nationalist groups

Inside Serbia, a movement of pro-Russian nationalists has gained traction in recent years. This group does not simply align themselves to Moscow’s perspectives, but openly voices their animosity toward the West. As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many countries around the world had to pick sides; while most sided with Ukraine, Serbia chose to stand firm behind its own war-torn history. In order to better understand the motivations and beliefs of these groups, a number of documentaries have been created to explore their insights and stories. Through these films viewers can gain an up-close view of Serbia’s pro-Russian nationalist movement and its impact on the country as a whole.


6. Inside the country backing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – BBC Newsnight visits Serbia

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is a city defined by its tumultuous history. From Soviet-style murals on buildings to pro-Russian graffiti and souvenir shops selling President Putin memorabilia, it’s hard to miss the country’s current geopolitical leanings. Despite being part of the EU, more than 70% of Serbians favour Moscow over Kyiv. The BBC Newsnight team visits Belgrade to explore what has fuelled Serbia’s support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as its relationship with the EU and NATO – both of which it could join in the near future.


7. Serbian Epics

The events of this documentary are truly remarkable. It has been 30 years since the release of this captivating insight into Serbia’s history and culture. Spanning a wide array of topics, from politics to everyday life, Serbian Epics offers a unique look at a country in transition, exploring the complexities of Serbia’s past, present and future. By taking an unbiased approach to its subject, Serbian Epics provides an honest and in-depth look at the nation’s journey.


8. What is behind the violence between Serbia and Kosovo? | Inside Story

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the violent disputes between Serbia and Kosovo? The Inside Story documentary reveals all. This riveting account shows how a seemingly insignificant disagreement over car license plates has intensified already strained relations. Saturday saw Serbs blocking border crossings in response to the arrest of a former policeman, protesting against Kosovo’s proposed ban on Serbian license plates. Delve deep into this fascinating yet complex topic and join a journey of insightful exploration. Through interviews, expert opinions, and firsthand accounts, uncover the truth behind the animosity between two nations.


9. The Truth Behind Serbia’s Notorious Witchcraft Subculture

Galeb Nikacevic ventured deep into Serbia’s hidden villages to uncover the mysteries of Vlach magic. This spiritual practice has been subject to media speculation, from claims of mass killings to stories of passionate crimes. He experienced firsthand the rituals and traditions that make up this centuries-old tradition, searching for truth beyond the sensationalism. In revealing his findings, Galeb paints a nuanced picture of one of Serbia’s most misunderstood cultures. His journey illuminates the power, beauty, and dangers of Vlach magic – a spiritual tradition that has shaped Serbia for centuries.

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