The 7 Best Documentaries About King Edward VI

Nov 21, 2023 | Best Of, History

Edward VI is a fascinating figure in history, and his reign as King of England left its mark on the country’s culture. With so much to explore, it’s no wonder that filmmakers have delved into this period of time with documentaries about Edward VI. From exploring his rise to power to examining how his death changed the monarchy forever, these documentaries offer an insightful and comprehensive look at the life of this famous monarch. Here are some of the best documentaries about Edward VI, all of which provide a well-rounded and fascinating exploration into his reign.


1. Edward VI – The Boy King of the Tudors Documentary

Edward VI, the Boy King of the Tudors. A fascinating documentary exploring the life and reign of this important yet enigmatic figure in British history. The documentary follows the story of Edward’s rise to power as a young boy, from his father Henry VIII’s deathbed edict that he was his rightful heir to Edward’s own coronation at nine years.


2. The Nine Year Old King Of England | Edward VI: The Boy King

No monarch in history has had their reign as short yet influential as Edward VI. At the tender age of nine, he assumed the throne as King of England and soon became one of its most beloved rulers. The Boy King, as he was affectionately known by his subjects, had a big heart and powerful spirit that helped him to bring peace, prosperity, and justice.


3. Edward VI: A Tiny Tyrant?

Edward VI: The Ultimate Ruler? When it comes to historical figures, few are as controversial and enigmatic as Edward VI of England. Throughout his short life, he managed to make incredible impacts on the nation, from social reforms that changed the course of history to his untimely death at fifteen years old. For all these reasons, and more, Edward VI remains.


4. Edward VI The Unknown Tudor Documentar

Edward VI: A King Who Defined the Tudor Legacy The reign of Edward VI was one that would have a lasting impact on England and its future. He reigned for just six years, yet his legacy changed the landscape of English history perhaps more than any other monarch in the past. Edward inherited the throne at a young age, and despite his youth



5. A Brief History Of Edward VI – Edward VI Of England

The remarkable reign of Edward VI is nothing short of a fascinating story. From his birth as the only son of Henry VIII to his untimely death at 15 years old, it seemed that he was destined to be an important figure in history since day one. His reign as England’s King lasted for just six years and was filled with intrigue, conflict, and complex.



6. History’s Secret – The Real Edward VI

Discover the true story behind England’s beloved King Edward VI in History’s Secret: The Real Edward VI. From his birth to his death, this documentary delves into the reign of one of the most mysterious kings in British history. Follow scholars and historians as they explore Edward’s life from a young age until he took his last breath. Learn about his troubled health.


7. Scandal – British History Documentaries – The Real Edward VI

Scandal and intrigue, a battle for the throne. The Real Edward VI explores one of the most notorious wars in British history – the struggle between Lady Jane Grey and King Edward VI for control of England. This documentary examines how these two different characters used their power to shape policy, vying for influence, and creating a legacy that still shapes our world today. From interviews.



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