The Best Documentaries About Lady Jane Grey

Dec 15, 2023 | Best Of, History

Welcome to a unique collection of the best documentaries about Lady Jane Grey! From her short reign as Queen of England to her tragic end, Lady Jane Grey has become one of history’s most remembered and studied figures. Now, with today’s documentary technology, you can gain an even greater insight into this incredible woman. We have compiled a list of the best documentaries about Lady Jane Grey. Dive in and explore her fascinating story! The first of our documentary picks is ‘Lady Jane: A Journey to Power’ (2005). Directed by Michael Smith, this BBC-produced documentary tells the story of how Lady Jane Grey rose to power with stunning archival footage and interviews from contemporary experts.


1. Lady Jane Grey (England’s Forgotten Queen) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Helen Castor dives into Lady Jane Grey’s history and reveals the tumultuous events that led to her becoming Queen at the age of only 15. This remarkable story takes us back in time to 16th century England, a world full of scheming courtiers, religious revolution and bloody power struggles. When King Edward VI dies, he leaves his half-sister Jane to take his place as the Queen. But her rule is short-lived and soon her own family conspires against her – leading to her imprisonment in the Tower of London and eventual execution.


2. England’s Forgotten Queen: Lady Jane Grey Imprisoned | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

England’s Forgotten Queen: Lady Jane Grey – a story of imprisonment and tragedy. Helen Castor, historian, examines the throne struggle between Mary Tudor and Lady Jane Grey in the summer of 1553. Mary was determined to take the crown at any cost; her supporters rallied around her as she began to gain control over the Privy Council. Meanwhile, Lady Jane’s determined stance began to waver, and soon she was a prisoner in the Tower of London. What followed was an incredible story of political manipulation, family betrayal and religious fervor that left Lady Jane Grey’s life in tatters.


3. England’s Forgotten Queen: Lady Jane Grey’s Execution | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

Discover the story of England’s forgotten Queen, Lady Jane Grey in this captivating documentary. Follow historian Helen Castor as she attempts to piece together the truth behind Jane’s tumultuous eight-day reign in power and her eventual execution. Despite her young age and lack of experience, Jane displayed tremendous courage throughout the ordeal by taking charge of the Tower keys and sealing herself inside with her own supporters.As Castor unravels the mystery of Lady Jane’s last days, she discovers many remarkable stories behind the notes and messages that Jane wrote in her prayer book. The notes show a remarkable level of strength and composure from Jane right up to the day of her death.

4. The Forgotten Tudor Queen – Part 2 | Lady Jane Grey

At just 17, Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen of England, France and Ireland. But her reign would be shortlived as she reigned for only 13 days before being overthrown. What do we really know about this forgotten Tudor queen? Was she a mere innocent pawn in a political game that was bigger than herself or did she harbor her own ambitions for the crown? This documentary looks into Jane’s life before and during her reign, as well as the events that led to her eventual downfall. We delve into the mystery of Lady Jane Grey and examine whether she was a victim of circumstance or if she was capable of controlling her own destiny.


5. Screen Queens | Lady Jane Grey: Queen of Pawns

Born into a family of royalty, Lady Jane Grey was thrust into the spotlight. As cousin to Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I, she had an important role in the English court. Yet her life could have taken a very different path – if not for one fateful decision. The story of this remarkable woman is now being explored in three documentaries – Screen Queens, Lady Jane Grey: Queen of Pawns and the upcoming third movie. Through them, we gain a greater understanding of her short but eventful life – from birth to death – as well as the complex machinations of court politics that put her in such a precarious position.


6. Lady Jane Grey “the nine days Queen” documentary

What a fascinating story Lady Jane Grey is. From her rise as the Queen of England for nine days, to her tragic downfall – it’s enough to captivate anyone’s attention. This documentary covers everything that happened during this momentous period in our history. The audio quality is amazing and provides an immersive experience, allowing viewers to really understand what occurred at that time. It’s incredible to think of how someone so young, yet so brave, could be taken into the Tower of London and never seen again. The documentary does a great job in uncovering all the facts surrounding Lady Jane Grey’s story – from her family’s influence on her life to the reasons why she was overthrown from power.


7. Lady Jane Grey: From Child Prodigy to Reluctant Queen

Lady Jane Grey was an unfortunate figure in English history, a child born into royalty but denied the power of the crown. The daughter of Henry VIII’s younger sister and the great-granddaughter of Henry VII, Jane was seen as a prize pawn by her ambitious family members hoping to control the throne. Lady Jane Grey stood out among them – she was highly intelligent from early childhood, a true prodigy.In spite of her precociousness, Lady Jane Grey was thrust into the political maelstrom of Tudor England and ultimately became Queen in name only for nine days. Her fate changed rapidly after that, with her imprisonment leading to eventual beheading at the hands of her cousin, Mary I

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