The Antichrist Explained

Mar 3, 2023 | Articles, People, Philosophy, Religion

The most simple explanation of the Antichrist is that is “Someone who will lead people away from the Truth”. Since the Catholic Church is an institution that teaches the Trust, it is actually a theory against the Church. Many believe the Antichrist will preach blasphemy and heresy. Christians and Catholics believe that when the Antichrist comes to Earth, Jesus the Messiah will come back to face him, as the Antichrist is believed to be a false messiah. As Jesus is the ideal model for humanity, the Antichrist is a figure of evil.


The Bible contains lots and lots of paragraphs about the Antichrist. In the Bible, there are two types of Antichrist described. Anti as a prefix can mean against someone/something, it can also mean a place. The first type of Antichrist is the one that is opposed to something, and the second is the one that will place himself in His (God’s) place. The first antichrist is actually present, and it is not a single figure. As Apostle John talks, there are two types of Antichrist, one with a small “a” and one with a capitalized one. The capitalized Antichrist is a single person who will emerge, while the non capitalized is a noun that describes a specific group of people who do not believe in Jesus.

In the Bible, the “antichrist” is mentioned three times as “anyone who denies that Jesus came in flesh or that He was both man and God”. Therefore, anyone who denies the existence of God is an antichrist.

Apostle Paul, on the other hand, speaks of a specific person. In his Revelation chapter 13, Paul talks about imitation of the Holy Trinity. He describes the false trinity as Satan, The False Prophet and the Antichrist.

Similar words and terms such as “pseudochrist” are used by Jesus in the gospels. The term means false messiah. “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and produce great signs and omens, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect”.


In the Bible it says that “No one that is saved today and has been born-again has to worry about the antichrist who lives in the world today or the Antichrist that is to come”. As Jesus raptures the Church of the Antichrist out of the world, we will see a time never seen before.

Those who are not saved, will have to go through the Great Tribulation, and as the Bible says, it will be the worst time in the history of humanity.

The Bible preaches that people who believe in Jesus and place their life and trust in Him, they will be safe from the Wrath of God when the Antichrist appears.


The Bible doesn’t fully reveal who will be the Antichrist, but the Book is very clear on the traits and characteristics the Antichrist will have and possess, as well as what he will do once he takes over and gains power.

The book describes the Antichrist as appealing, not repulsive, a blasphemous horn and a beast (Revelation 13:1-2). While list of descriptions is not attractive, people will follow him, and he will be an alluring leader. Everything about him will be extraordinary and he will possess charm, vision, wit, intelligence, eloquence and military genius.

The Antichrist will be influential and charismatic, with strong leadership abilities.

According to the Bible, he will arise out of the sea, meaning he will come from the gentile nations, and not from Israel.

Once he starts gaining power, he will not position himself as the world dictator instantly. Instead, he will be an ordinary man who walks down the street, but will grow into power.

The Bible proclaims that the Antichrist will revive the Old Roman Empire and transform into European confederation of nations. In the modern day, this is happening with the European Union. However, at one point during his ruling, the Antichrist will move the center and the capitol of the Empire from Europe to Jerusalem.


Aside from the classic Antichrist theory, there is one more theory that suggests that every next Pope elected is actually an antichrist. The Papal-Antichrist theory is one that is frequently thrown around by Protestants. According to the theory, it is the system of the Papacy that is actually the Antichrist. Therefore, each and every Pope elected is actually tool of the Antichrist. The theory was most popular during the Reformation.

The theory that the Pope is the Antichrist is not a Catholic theory. Instead, it is a theory developed by anti-Catholic people and addresses the system of Papacy as a whole, not just the current and next Pope. The Church, on the other hand, has never declared that any form of the Antichrist will sit on the Holy Throne of Peter. The Church also doesn’t believe the Antichrist will come “disguised” as a Pope.


The term is also used in popular culture, mostly in punk subculture. The term “Antichrist” was spurred by the rock band Sex Pistols in their song “Anarchy in the UK. The lead singer of the band Johnny Rotten proclaimed himself as an antichrist.

Punk culture fans began to use the term as someone who is crude, rebellious and vulgar.

Nowadays, the term “antichrist” is used to describe people who practice violent form of anarchy. Marilyn Manson is another singer who uses the word heavily in his songs.

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