The Breaking Of The Code

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This documentary is revolving around the forgotten heroes of World War II. In 1943 two men, a 24-year-old math student and a GPO engineer merged their intellectual capacity in order to crack the personal super-code machine of Hitler himself. This system was far more powerful than Enigma, and Hitler referred to it as his writer of secrets.

Their success in this endeavor has turned the tides in the Battle of Kursk, contributed to the D-day landing and played a crucial role in the end of the conflict in Europe. The fact that their achievements were used in the Cold War as well would mean only one thing; they will never be rewarded or acknowledged for their ground breaking work.

Finally the time has come for these unsung heroes to receive the credits for their extraordinary work. The acknowledgement came in the form of this documentary, directed and produced by Julian Carey. It premiered on October 25th, 2011 in the UK.

Watch this amazing documentary and discover the efforts of two people in order to better the odds against the enemy and the astonishing result that this collaboration yielded.

If you enjoyed this documentary and would like to see more war videos, click here.

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