Living with Michael Jackson

Dec 4, 2023 | Lifestyle, Music, Videos

Living with Michael Jackson is a groundbreaking documentary, produced by Granada Television and aired in 2003. The show featured an extensive 8-month interview with Michael Jackson, conducted by renowned British journalist Martin Bashir. It was the first time ever that Jackson allowed such unfettered access to his personal life, including details of his traumatic childhood and other deeply personal matters.

The idea for the documentary came from Uri Geller, a close friend of Jackson’s, who proposed it as a means of showing the world the truth about him. Initially Louis Theroux had attempted to secure the exclusive interview, but was rejected in favour of Bashir’s proposal to make nothing off limits. During the interview, Jackson discussed in detail his struggle with fame and family life, as well as the media spotlight that had been following him for years. He also addressed rumours surrounding his plastic surgery operations as well as other aspects of his personal life which he rarely discussed publicly before then.

Not only did this documentary allow viewers a rare insight into Michael’s life and struggles – it also cast light on a larger issue: media sensationalism. Bashir focused heavily on parts of Jackson’s life that were often subject to speculation or exaggeration by tabloids and other publications – making commentaries throughout that could be interpreted as him accusing them of distorting reality and misconstruing facts.

Living With Michael Jackson remains one of the most significant celebrity documentaries ever made and is highly recommended viewing for anyone interested in learning more about one of history’s most enigmatic figures. Whether you are an avid fan or simply curious about what really happened during this period in Michael’s life – this is a must watch documentary that will leave you with newfound appreciation for all he went through during his lifetime.

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