The Amazing World

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This documentary is concerned with the everyday activities of the human population. It is filmed in an experimental fashion throughout 152 different locations in the world. They include Indonesia, Ecuador, France, Turkey, Iran, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Poland, Israel, Thailand, Argentina, India, Brazil, Japan, Tanzania, Egypt, Australia, Kenya and China.

You will have a chance to see the footage taken at the concentration camps Tuol Sleng in Cambodia and Auschwitz in Poland. Today they represent monuments to the people that lost their lives in these camps. These camps are turned into museums with a number of related artifacts on display including some of the bones from the victims and a pile of sculls.

The director of this documentary, Ron Fricke, is trying to portray the cultural diversity on our planet by comparing the natural and technological worlds in coexistence, mixing that with the portraits of the Yakuza tattoos along with the ones that the Native Australian tribes have.

Enjoy the nature footage in this extraordinary documentary and have a chance to see the pace of the modern society, the architectural achievements, city life and ruins of the ancient temples, all in one amazing film.

If you want to watch more exploration documentaries, click here.

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