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New York City is one of the greatest metropolises in the world. And in a city as big as New York City, different groups form. One of them is the New York City Hackers group, a group of journalists and hackers that explores technologies to filter and visualize information.

And in the age of information overload, the job has become even more crucial. The documentary takes a look at the computer hacker community in the Big Apple, the meetings of the hackers, their conferences, political annotations.

The documentary also tries to explore the roots of the word “hacking” and its original definition. Starting from the first enthusiasts at MIT, the documentary features some of the more famous hackers such as Cheshire Catalyst, Eugene E.Kashpureff, Kevin Mitnick, and Mike Hudack. With a host like Emmanuel Goldstein, the group explains perfectly why hacking is needed in the age of information, some of the technologies they use to hack computers, how they started, and why they do what they do now.

One of the arguments of the hackers is that “mankind has basic rights, and for the most part those parts are represented by the US constitution and other constitutions. Two of those rights are the freedom of speech and freedom of privacy, both of which include freedom of communication”. And hackers believe strongly in those rights.

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