This piece of dirt can suck up LOADS of carbon

Jul 28, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Peatlands are an incredibly important part of our planet’s carbon cycle. Every year, these wetland ecosystems store up to three times the amount of carbon dioxide as forests, making them one of the most efficient carbon sinks on Earth. Unfortunately, as demand for agricultural land continues to rise, these vital resources are increasingly being drained and burned – leading to devastating emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

However, a new documentary is exploring an innovative solution that could preserve these valuable peatlands while still enabling us to grow food on them. ‘Wet & Wild: How To Farm Peatlands’ dives deep into this groundbreaking concept and shows how it could turn this ecological disaster into a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The film follows soil scientist Dr James McQuaid and ecologist Dr Holly Kelly as they explore this cutting-edge method and demonstrate how it is possible to keep the ground wet while also cultivating crops such as peat moss and willow trees – both important commodities in their own right. By doing so, we can protect the earth’s vital carbon stores without sacrificing food production capabilities.

In addition to the environmental benefits, ‘Wet & Wild: How To Farm Peatlands’ showcases a variety of other advantages that come with this type of farming – including economic sustainability through crop yield improvements and better management of water resources. It also highlights some unique cultural elements associated with peatland agriculture that may be lost if this system is not adopted widely in the future.

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