Lost Land of the Jaguar

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Series combining stunning wildlife of high-octane adventure. A team of explorers search the depths of the last great virgin forest on the planet.

Cameras follow the team every sweaty step of the way as they explore the beautiful nature of Guyana, rappelling by one of the world’s most powerful waterfalls to climb to the treetops of the jungle.

Known as the land of giants, Guyana is home to the huge anaconda, the largest tarantula and giant otters in the world.

Gordon Buchanan goes in search of the elusive jaguar, while Steve Backshall abseiling for one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world to see the creatures that live there.

Meanwhile, Justine Evans climbs to the top of the trees of the forest in search of monkeys and parrots and George McGavin explores rotten logs for whip spiders.

The team is further into the desert, the jungle animals in search of rare and endangered species that live there. The base camp is invaded by scorpions and poisonous centipedes, and Gordon Buchanan discovers an animal thief helping itself to the base camp supplies.

Steve Backshall finds giant piranha and the long fangs Sabretooth fish in their study of the river, while George McGavin catches the world’s largest tarantula.

The climbing team begins an attempt to climb a huge mountain without climbing on the edge of the forest.

Steve Backshall and the climbing team struggle to reach the top of a mountain unclimbed big table on the edge of the forest. The team live rough on top, in search of new species and scientific discoveries.

Justine Evans for giant anteater, while George Gordon and the struggle of a remote jungle river to find a jungle paradise where the animals appear to show no fear of man.

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