Green Gold

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In conjunction with VPRO, a Dutch public broadcasting company, and the Backlight program, this documentary follows John D. Liu as he crosses the globe recording and motivating extensive scale ventures from China, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

Green Gold uses some footage from Hope In a Changing Climate however it builds the profundity of the film with a trek to Jordan, at the welcome of Princess Basma bint Talal, where he lives up to expectations with remarkable permaculture planner Geoff Lawton at the Permaculture Research Institute of Jordan. Aditionally, Princess Talal and the Lawtons' considerations, the narrative emphasizes a greater amount of Liu's appearance on the districts he has gone to.

John D. Liu states that the services and products that we get from those ecosystems are subordinates. It's unimaginable for the subordinates to be more significant than the source. But in our economy now, the way things are, the items and administrations have money related qualities, yet the source, the useful biological systems, are zero.

So this can't be valid and it is false. We've made a worldwide establishment of monetary, financial organizations and financial hypothesis in light of an imperfection in rationale. So in the event that we convey that imperfection in rationale from era to era we aggravate the mix-up.

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