From Kabul to Berlin: The founder of Afghanistan’s first modeling agency

Nov 23, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Hamed Valy, a global citizen with a passion for fashion, founded Afghanistan’s first and only modeling agency. But his dreams were shattered when the Taliban took control of the country, bringing an end to his mission to make fashion, modeling and glamour more accepted in traditional Afghan society. Now in Berlin, Hamed has arrived with a new mission – to realize his dream of founding a new agency for modeling and fashion choreography.
Born in Afghanistan, Hamed grew up in Iran, studied in India, and returned to Afghanistan to launch the Modelstan agency. However, the Taliban’s resurrection in the country forced Hamed out, and he fled to Pakistan before arriving in Germany. Now, he’s been taking German classes and chasing his big dream: opening a new agency for modeling and fashion choreography. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but Hamed Valy is determined to make it a reality. Don’t miss this inspiring story of hope, determination, and fashion.

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David B