All Time Top 100 Documentary Videos

The all time top 100 documentaries list showcases the most popular documentaries as decided by you.

The videos in this section are here because of their far reaching success. These are critically acclaimed documentary films whose message appealed to the masses - They must not go unwatched.

From cutting edge historical documentaries on Nazi Germany to incredible sporting documentaries, the films listed here are certain to expand your mind to the wonders of our World.

The Sacred Science
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Health +1

From producer Nick Polizzi, this incredible documentary follows 8 people with life-threatening disease into the Amazon for a month-long ‘healing’ from local tribes people who c...

  • 16,679
  • 5 years ago
  • 7.2(11)
9-11 Best Documentary
youtube icon

"This is possibly the best documentary review of the events of the fateful day 9/11 2001 when the Trade Towers in New York were completely destroyed by what is believed to be a sho...

  • 16,597
  • 5 years ago
  • 5.6(21)
Pedigree Dogs Exposed
vimeo icon

Pedigree dogs are suffering from genetic diseases following years of inbreeding, an investigation has found. A BBC documentary says they are suffering serious problems, because the...

  • 16,440
  • 5 years ago
  • 8.6(9)
The Beauty of Maps
vimeo icon
Art +1

"The Beauty of Maps (Seeing the Art in Cartography) a BBC television series looks at maps in incredible detail. The purpose behind the film is to highlight the artistic attribution...

  • 16,224
  • 5 years ago
  • 8.3(8)
The Case for Christ
vimeo icon

The documentary The Case for Christ follows reporter Lee Strobel as interviewing a number of religious and historical scholars to find out if there is any evidence of the resurrect...

  • 16,139
  • 5 years ago
  • 8.7(9)
book of enoch
youtube icon

Hell, space, dimensions, angels, demons, mystery religions and conspiracies, all thrown at you from the very beginning. That is what the Book of Enoch is essentially.An Ancie...

  • 16,132
  • 4 years ago
  • 4.4(23)
National Geographic When Aliens Attack
dailymotion icon

At some point of our lives we considered the life on other planets rather than earth. Every person has a different view and theories about their appearance, behaviour or abilities....

  • 15,950
  • 5 years ago
  • 7.6(17)
Once Brothers
youtube icon

‘Once brothers’ is a humbling and heart-wrenching story of two friends, Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac, who grew up together and later lifted the Yugoslavian National Basketba...

  • 15,628
  • 5 years ago
  • Not Rated
sex in prison
youtube icon
Crime +2

One of the most controversial and taboo topics is prison sex. What do prisoners do to satisfy their urge for sex.We’ve known for years that prisoners find a way to satisfy ...

  • 15,611
  • 3 years ago
  • 7.6(5)
reggie miller vs knicks
youtube icon

In 2010, ESPN made a series of documentaries about basketball. The series was called 30 for 30, and in those documentaries, ESPN showed love to a lot of older players.Winning time ...

  • 15,461
  • 3 years ago
  • 10(1)
The Serial Killers: Ted Bundy
youtube icon

This documentary is looking into the life and death of the most notorious and most feared serial killer in America. The name that caused fear and panic, especially in women, was ...

  • 15,379
  • 5 years ago
  • 4(6)
disney ufo
youtube icon

We all know Walt Disney as the guy responsible for making the best cartoons and animated movies. He started in the revolution when he released the first Mickey Mouse cartoon....

  • 15,285
  • 3 years ago
  • 6.2(18)
stan romanek
youtube icon

Stan Romanek is one of the most famous UFO authors and enthusiasts. He has made numerous public appearances in the media, and even appeared on Larry King live. He claims to b...

  • 15,215
  • 3 years ago
  • 6.2(11)
junko furuta
youtube icon

When it comes to creepy stories and murders, Junko Furuta from Japan is among the top. This is one of the most gruesome murders in history of mankind. Furuta was only 17 y...

  • 15,150
  • 2 years ago
  • 5.8(15)
birth control pills
youtube icon
Health +3

Birth control pills are one of the most controversy subjects of the past few years. A pile of articles has been written on the subject. There are people that are pro birth co...

  • 14,963
  • 3 years ago
  • 8.3(168)
Tears of Gaza
dailymotion icon

"Tears of Gaza" is a 2010 anti-war Norwegian documentary concerning the Gaza War from the perspective of Palestinian kids. The director of this film is Vibeke Løkkeberg. The doc...

  • 14,867
  • 5 years ago
  • 9.2(13)
aaron russo
youtube icon
9/11 +3

Aaron Russo is one of the more famous American film producers and directors. He was best known for his work on movies like Wise Guys and Trading Places. This historic int...

  • 14,720
  • 3 years ago
  • 8.2(26)
math mystery
youtube icon

We live in an age of astonishing advances. Engineers have managed to land a Rover on Mars. We communicate using wireless technology. Physicists are exploring the essence of a...

  • 14,494
  • 4 years ago
  • 9.7(13)
How Long Is A Piece Of String?
vimeo icon

Alan Davies discovers that to answer that question is much more difficult than originally thought after visiting the mathematician Marcus du Sautoy to help you find an answer. Howe...

  • 14,394
  • 5 years ago
  • 10(4)
flat Earth
youtube icon

Recently, the Flat Earth movement has gained steam, and even more popularity, with the rap artist B.o.B saying he has proof that NASA has faked the Earth theory, and that the...

  • 14,329
  • 4 years ago
  • 5.6(32)
How Bruce Lee Changed the World
dailymotion icon

The History Channel's How Bruce Lee Changed the World explores the amazing multitude of ways that Bruce Lee - the first international Asian superstar--has influenced pop culture. C...

  • 14,270
  • 5 years ago
  • 9.3(7)
youtube icon

Directed by Amardeep Kaleka, Sirius explores the truth behind extraterrestial life, following Dr. Steven Greer, a medical doctor-turned UFO hunter. Greer attempts to reveal the gov...

  • 14,267
  • 5 years ago
  • 8.3(12)
nazi temple of doom
youtube icon

The Chiemsee Cauldron, discovered in 2001 at the bottom of Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria is the focus of the Nazi Temple of Doom conspiracy. Decorated with figures, and with a dia...

  • 14,197
  • 3 years ago
  • 5.2(11)
hitler speech
youtube icon

We’ve read so much about Hitler. And we’ve heard so much about him. But have we heard it from the source? This National Geographic documentary provides a new insight t...

  • 13,979
  • 3 years ago
  • 4.7(26)
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