10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms

Jun 12, 2023 | Science, Sexuality, TOP 100, Videos

We all know the feeling of pure bliss that comes with experiencing an orgasm. But did you know that scientists have been studying orgasms for centuries, and that they have discovered some truly fascinating facts about them? Well, in Mary Roach’s documentary “Bonk,” she dives deep into the science behind sexual climax and reveals some remarkable findings.

For starters, Roach explains that an orgasm is actually a reflex of our Autonomic Nervous System — which controls bodily processes like digestion, heart rate, circulation and arousal — and can be triggered by a variety of different stimuli. Studies have even shown that women can experience orgasms when being touched on non-traditional body parts such as the eyebrows or knees. There’s also one documented case of a woman who had an orgasm every time she brushed her teeth!

But perhaps one of the most intriguing facts revealed in this documentary is that it is possible to trigger an orgasm in someone brain dead! This opens up a range of possibilities for how we view pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

If you’re looking for an entertaining yet educational look at orgasms then “Bonk” is definitely worth checking out. Mary Roach takes us on an enlightening journey through scientific research to uncover 10 surprising claims about sexual climax — from the bizarre to the hilarious. So don’t miss out – watch “Bonk” today!

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David B