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Room 237
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This is an American documentary from 2012. The director isRodney Ascher and the production credits go to Tim Kirk. The film is lookinginto ‘The Shining’, a Stanley Kubrick movie. Among the fea...

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Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?
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There is something very strange happens in space – something that should not be possible. It’s as if large parts of the world are being ravaged by a huge and invisible celestial vacuum. Sasha Kasl...

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A Brief History of Disbelief
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"Jonathan Miller visits the absent Twin Towers to consider the religious implications of 9 / 11 and meets Arthur Miller and the philosopher Colin McGinn. It looks for evidence of the first ‘unbeliev...

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The Big Picture
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There exists a conspiracy theory for every question regarding our world. These theories emerge from different quarters and number into the hundreds. The theories never provide a conclusive answer and ...

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Time Travel Documentary
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This documentary challenges all scientific theories to explore the possibility of time travel. The figures, numbers, timescales, speeds, quantities and sizes are simply staggering and requires conside...

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Time Trip
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Travel time horizon is a thrilling journey deep into the strangeness of cutting-edge physics – a place where beautiful ideas, baffling sometimes confused with the completely insane. On this trip, we...

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"Grey aliens are the most common creatures imagined while talking about the other life existance. Nobody knows whether they exist or not but the speculations and theories prove tha...

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The Secret Life of Plants
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This means that even lower levels of life, there is a deep consciousness or awareness that all things Bond. Published in 1973, The Secret Life of Plants was written by Peter Tompki...

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Fermat’s Last Theorem
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Simon Singh and John Lynch’s film tells the story gripping and emotional Andrew Wiles. A quiet English mathematician, was attracted to mathematics in Fermat’s puzzle, but in th...

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The Secret Life of Chaos
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Chaos theory has a bad name, conjuring up images of unpredictable weather, accidents and economic science has gone wrong. But there is a fascinating and hidden from the chaos, that...

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